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  • Pirates need crew members, why not grab your grog and come sail with us. Chatting and sense of humour desirable you'll need them to survive lol.
  • Fancy a change or a fresh challenge why not come and give Drunk Pirates a try, a fun group that enjoying playing and chatting.
  • Places available for players who like to chat and score, why not come and join an established top 10 posse and have some fun.
  • Manhatten even lol
  • Plenty of it Mandated. Let me know the details Mph.
  • Following on from our successful gold rush event we have places available for players who want to score big, chat and have fun. If you have what it takes come be a pirate.
  • 1place left for next event, if you want to play, score big, chat and have fun come and give us a try. Being a pirate is great.
  • Still places available in this fun and active posse, event leader board tells the story. We want to build and better our results why not join the fun and help us achieve this. If you want a challenge then this is the posse for you.
  • Spaces available for players who want to play and chat, We are getting top 5 finishes with 20 active players, if you think you can help us grow come and give us a try. 1k X level is the target for members but more desirable.
  • If there is more than one posse could someone supply names please
  • Drunk Pirates have space for players that like to play and chat. Looking for a minimum of level X 1k but ideally scoring higher. Currently 3rd with only 19 scoring members if you think the pirate life is for you come aboard and enjoy the ride.
  • A space available now if you want it, come and give us a try.
  • Still places on our crew, come join the Drunk Pirates
  • Why don t you!
  • Meant to start new discussion not jump into yours.
  • Looking for a change, still places with the Drunk Pirates, why not give us a try. Looking for active players who enjoy chatting.
  • Still time to consider taking up one of the places available in the Drunk Pirates, come chat, play and enjoy you self.
  • It's all about perceptions, but Hey Ho it's a pirates life for me.
  • RJdm, surely what happens in a posse is up to the members there. You seem obsessed with one of our members and take great interest in what happens during events within the pirates, strange for someone from another posse. Maybe you have a hidden des…
  • MPH, you are no longer leader, you choice certainly not the posses. It was clear members wanted you to stay which gladly you have done. The support, advice along with the great chat makes you an integral part of the posse. When you build a posse on …
  • Drunk Pirates looking for riders, all we ask is you play , chat and enjoy. Been some changes made but we are still the same fun loving crew that are there to enjoy the game.
  • MPH, you may not be leader in name but you will always be leader to me, Drunk Pirates will always respect you and appreciate the help you have given players like myself. Sure other posse members will agree. Let's just enjoy the game.
  • Spaces available in a great posse(current event no 4) for cow pokes that want to play and chat, come join the Drunk Pirates if that sounds like you.
  • Still a place available, why not get on board the Drunk Pirates before next event. A good fun loving posse, help and advice given if needed.
    in DRUNK PIRATES Comment by 5azm6 July 2017
  • Only been part of this posse for a couple of events and am totally enjoying the experience. Help and advice given have seen me perform better than ever before. Great young posse who are heading up the leader board, why not have look still room for m…
  • If you want to have fun in a leader board posse with good chat and support have a look at Drunk Pirates
    in DRUNK PIRATES Comment by 5azm6 June 2017