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  • (Quote) Totally agree... We post our scores on our FB page and the best players are spammed with aggressive PM's from a range of people from Topgunz... even people that repeatedly turned them down in the past. They have successfully lured a number o…
  • Not since I upgraded to IOS 9. Before you start padding yourself on the back then please note that in the description of your game you support all the way down to IOS 7 as far as I remember. So even if this fixed the problem you cant expect everyo…
    in Game Freeze! Comment by Aksel March 2016
  • Your are writing in: "Share your suggestions for Compass Point: West"
  • Always a good idea not to attack anyone you KNOW is able to beat you :wink:
  • (Quote) No need for that. People who have been in a Posse at ANY TIME since they started playing the game will not be able to add points if they were not in the Posse when the event started.
  • Well I guess this thread can be closed now.... http://forums.nextgames.com/compasspoint/discussion/5485/coming-soon-changes-to-the-posses-and-posse-event#latest
  • Problem was gone for a day or two but now its back - worse than ever - cant play the game!
    in Game Freeze! Comment by Aksel March 2016
  • Never mind....
  • Your farms do not count as storage even though they can hold a certain amount of goods. They are 'collectors'. So you have Barn (4000) + Courthouse (2000) = 6000 in storage. Plus you can keep 3480 in your farms.
  • Thats right JnkZ... you are one of the few people that have found a way through my defenses. That is also why I dont attack you anymore. Just remember, if you do come knocking I will swat you like a fly in the revenge :smiley: Lots of easy target…
  • 44% is not good... neither is 50%... you should get to at least 70% to make it easier on yourself. They keep attacking you because your base is easier than others on your level. Very few bother to even try to revenge against me. It will take some t…
  • Thanx for the kind words Fatman :wink: 2 seats available this week. Level 35+ and 35k minimum
  • Fatman.... if the Shamans worked properly a lot of people would be using them. I think its sad that this important piece is missing from battle strategies. I use them anyway even with the limited function - mostly in cattle battle though.
  • (Quote) Best news I have heard all week :smiley:
  • Again... what is won has no relation to what is lost - whatsoever - its completely random. The only exception to this is that in a revenge attack you regain your exact loss. But also here the one being attacked still loose a random amount of his stu…
  • We recently have a guy collecting 85 full decks when he joined...... 85 !!!!!!!!!! Thats completely insane considering we get like 7-8 full decks during the event. It seems that its a LOT more rewarding just to join and leave a Posse every week in…
  • Apparently suicide by lead is common among Shamans....
  • Chat is frozen solid !
  • In defense you loose a random percentage of your Goods, Gold and Steel (different for each). So if you have a lot of stuff when you are attacked odds are you will be loosing a lot. There is no difference between revenge attacks and 'normal' attacks…
  • Nick... What the attacker gets and what you loose are not related whatsoever. In defense you loose a random percentage of your Goods, Gold and Steel (different for each). When attacking you get a random number of Goods and gold and a fixed number …
  • Its simply a question of being free to do whatever we want. That has absolutely nothing to do with scores as the people we bring in make very few points. They are either visitors or replacing someone making zero points. You simply cant see the prob…
  • How many posses do you think there are in the game? 5000? 20000? Why would you impose restrictions on how they want to use their Posse just because YOU feel there is a problem among the 10-15 highest scoring Posses ? How big a problem is 'stacking …
  • I Love Ranger week! And I have no trouble whatsoever stealing the needed steel for them :wink:
  • I have not noticed a difference in resources lost between being hit by a player in normal matchmaking compared to revenge. But of course I might be wrong, I am rarely revenged :smile: I agree that you should only have one shot at revenge.
  • Well.... this "cheating" stuff might be relevant for 0,000001% of the Posses - the rest could not care less. For the rest of us it just means that we cant play the way we want to - bringing in people to learn, visit others and having fun …
  • I would like to see more variation too. Different missions like robbing the stage coach, freeing a prisoner from jail, finding a way past guards without getting caught, finding hidden objects in the allotted time or even playing Poker in the saloon …
  • So.... you have stopped attacking players because you dont want them to revenge? why?
  • I agree... important messages (and nice chats) drowns in the stream of points scored.