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  • Same here, it just sits around 90% loaded and hangs indefinitely. I've reinstalled and contacted support but still no luck. It's been like this since yesterday morning. Just curious but are you guys using non iOS11 supported Apple devices like my 4th Gen iPad?
  • Ok weak minded Storm Trooper, two things - 1 "These are not the droids you're looking for" and 2 "Release your 1.4 thread notes now!"
  • I hate to admit it but I finally caved in and spent 750 gold on a 15 radio bundle and actually got a legendary assault unit with a max level of 18! (although he was only lvl 8 to start with - but hey ho, no worries there!). I have also been using single radios as they come in (probably because I'm too impatient to wait a…
  • Gas is always limiting my game time so I'd love for a little adjustment here. I think the +2 for every camp upgrade is a little mean particularly as it costs mostly 5 units for each mission in the later stages. I just hope that when the next chapters unlock this requirement doesn't keep creeping up!
  • I like this idea a great deal and have often wondered if it would ever be implemented. I wouldn't mind if characters looked similar as how often to you use 3 of the same skill anyway?
  • Just to update from yesterdays post, I've only had 1 more radio drop! I can't believe it's bad luck as I'm clearing my walls, watching video's and doing missions all day long. I seriously need some higher level survivors as I don't want to keep wasting experience points on low level ones only to scrap them later.
  • Drop rate for radios seems to have gone down for me as I can usually do 1 x15 per day but have only have managed to get 5 radios today! I have tried 3 times now with 15 radios and still only managed to get rare survivors. I refuse to buy radios!
  • Hi Pilot, I may check your guild out! Looking for a more casual experience then previous guilds I've been in with other games.
  • I agree with Amiga, hopefully it will be up to individuals whether or not to participate.