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  • > @WellyLuga said: > Flaming crossbow pistol is fixed at 45% > > Flare gun is gold incendiary boosted by lucky, so it's the more reliable firestarter. I like the one with gold charging rather than piercing for when I use Sasha. >…
    in Flare Gun Comment by Cronus November 18
  • > @zivaolivia said: > @Fluxxx it has been since the last council upgrade that I have seen the flare gun offered in a bundle. Could you please see if we could get if offered tomorrow? I’m begging you! 😄😄😄 @Fluxxx Gold Lucky/Incendiary and s…
    in Flare Gun Comment by Cronus November 18
  • > @TransmuteJun said: > I think that looks more like Carl's hat... ;) Like I stated originally Rosita can wear whatever she wants. @Mystique maybe you could post a video showing proper attire? ;-)
  • Many good possibilities pictured below. Rosita gets the cowboy hat @Fluxxx :wink: (Image)
  • (Quote) I think you can do like @Troublemaker did. If you have an Android you can go to Apps and then click of "Walking Dead" to see App Info. Under "Usage" the mobile data likely will have month/year you started playing. Should …
  • > @crambert_nec said: > You should make it a power weapon. Like Daryl's Knife, give it built in extra damage, then gold razor and destructive and silver charging. This would be a fantastic weapon for sure. @Fluxxx have to tag you on this …
  • (924,120 + 12,716) / 36,553 25.63 Capitonnes
  • (Quote) Hey that's great, but who is Darly?
  • > @Deadheads said: > With the new weapon and character traits I've been debating what the new unicorn hunter/weapon is... I'd love to hear others thoughts on this! She’d be blonde or brunette that much I know.
  • You might need 10 star toons and perfect badges so I could see 46 or even 47 being possible. I hit 44 with less than perfect badges and 2 pink Stabby Rick, Drive by Daryl and Morgan. I’m sure other combos work for that map, maybe even fire.
  • > @Danski_46 said: > @Cronus I have seen 3* on that map at rsl 50, @mimica did it. My comment regarding 2* was the survivors level being used. It’s amazing how far you can get with 1 and 2 pink survivors if you know how to use them. Many,…
  • > @Sonia said: > I'm a high lvl and my men are sitting at 2 to 3 pink stars. But I personally cannot get pass lvl 33 nor score any higher then 1200 stars. May i ask how are some players able to get 2000 plus stars?? No survivors over 2* i…
  • (Quote) Great video. Well played!!
  • I currently hold the top spot in Vatican City. Somebody named “The Pope” is #2. Sure hope he’s not pissed at me whoever he is. He has a bunch of Swiss guys in his guild apparently. They tell me he’s used to being #1.
  • > @Guapo said: > I came here expecting so much more. Back to my cave. It’s your fault that I clicked on it in the first place ;)
  • Ok this thread title is pure click bait. There are no shots being done on anyone’s body. The outrage!!!
  • (Quote) Maybe you could post a video :D
  • I totally read this wrong. I though Tara needed a twerk and I was going to volunteer. My bad.
  • The higher status you are in the forum the more badges you are allotted.
  • PS Thanks for the Alpha tokens too!
  • The surprise bundle for the first 150 to upgrade was a nice touch. Thanks NG!!!
  • > @Mystique said: > Apple got me like... > > (Image) > > > 😩🤦‍♀️ You probably need to make a video. DM me if you require any advice on what you should or should not wear. 😀
  • > @ATLAS-Z said: > I'm seeing a loooooooot of discrepancy on the Forum when folks are referring to "the grind". > > Especially when referring to the upcoming Master Mission (skip) challenge format. > > So, in orde…
  • > @MudMoccasin said: > Make it Legendary this time!!!! +1
  • > @WellyLuga said: > I'm hoping it has the same traits it's big brother flaming crossbow. High powered, piercing and destructive. Gold charging would be really nice in place of destructive. > > I think I will be buying it regardless…
  • > @MudMoccasin said: > > @Cronus said: > > > @MudMoccasin said: > > > (Quote) > > > (Image) > > > > I think quite possibly there was just a little bit of sarcasm in my post. > > Roger t…
  • Flare gun only has 3 traits and flaming crossbow will have 4 with passive incendiary (45%). If the silver and gold traits are what I did in my illustration in original post then that weapon will be very useful.
  • > @MudMoccasin said: > (Quote) > (Image) I think quite possibly there was just a little bit of sarcasm in my post.
  • I still think this is a great idea. I wonder if anyone at NG ever saw this?
  • > @SPC_TORRES said: > Seems like it should be a give and take......... If you give them dodge and extra movement....... then take some health and lower the damage they cause ...give them dodge and extra movement......then take gold for hea…