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  • I skip every Leg encounter I see. I get better rewards for less cost from whisperers lol
  • @NG_Filipe can anyone tell us why we had no big flare crate this weekend? Our team has spent tons of money and resources to get us as far as we have, now it feels like it is all wasted. 3+ days left, we will never be able to complete mystery tier without those flares. And it is not a good solution to buy gold and get…
  • Sunday now and still no flare crate!!! We burned through all of our flares expecting it to be in shop yesterday like EVERY OTHER SATURDAY and nothing. so now we are trying to get through 10.3 with no flares and maybe won't be able to finish mystery tier now. None of us are going to waste money buying single flares. and we…
  • Apparently they are extremely backlogged 
  • The part that I don't understand...it has worked the same way for HOW long now? And it has just been discovered that it was "wrong" and therefore needed to be "fixed?" I totally understand if something isn't working right and needs to be fixed. it just seems a little sketchy that this has worked the same way all this time,…
  • 2 compass related events within one season is kinda...meh. but, I can't complain too much as we have been able to find awesome spots we may not have found before. One of my teammates just traveled from Wales to Ireland last night lol But, I will agree there are much better events we could have had. The events this season…
Lucky....I very rarely see a legendary card from whisperers. And I do a ton of them lol. I just have crap luck in the game 🤷‍♀️ As far as the original discussion...I agree something needs to be done. I've heard talk about something being done, but never what or when. I haven't been playing as long as a lot of people.…
I agree...this winter season is 2 rounds, with 15 tiers. As opposed to one round with 5 tiers (plus mystery tier) So the rewards are obviously going to be different. And the earlier tiers are much easier than a normal mini season, so in my mind it wouldn't make much sense to give wildcards on the first tier this time…
  • Totally agree. I have almost 1000 training tokens right now. Less than 20 weapon tokens. I get tired of seeing so many hero tokens add up and the only thing I can use them on is getting epic heroes once a week. Which I never do, because who wants to sit there and click that many different heroes, 12 times each (they also…
I can't debate facts. You have the biggest brain in all of Australia, possibly even the entire southern hemisphere 😁😘
Well technically, winter doesn't start in the northern hemisphere until December 21st. But we are talking about the fact that the seasons are the opposite below the equator lol. 
  • So you're telling me that the southern hemisphere is the TOP half of the world!? 😱😂
  • Don't get on here often, so I didn't see the responses. But most days I am collecting over a couple hundred crates. Never less than 200 or so, and it would be more if I'm roaming or playing a lot of flares. It still seems like the drop rate is weird for being doubled. Some days I might get 1 out of hundreds of crates. Some…
You're welcome!
@NG_Filipe I sent you a dm with some information about a teammate of mine. 
  • This is happening to multiple people using iOS. Accounts are being hacked into, people have had their coins spent, etc. I have a teammate who was hacked and didn't get his EOS and had his coins spent. Changing your password and setting up two-factor authentication might help. Or you can try this, which someone suggested as…
  • Happened to one of my teammates too. Accounts are being hacked. It seems to be only an issue with iOS users, so I would suggest changing your passwords and also setting up two-factor authentication if you don't have it! There is also another fix that may work that I have seen. 
  • @NG_Filipe I am on android It was improving, but this latest update has made it even worse. If I even get notifications while playing, it freezes my entire game and takes me forever to get it closed. I can play a max of 5-10min before I have to restart. In game nickname is: [email protected] Player level: 26 Team: Revolution Crew 
  • My game has been super laggy since updating...more than usual. This happened after the last update as well, and it had finally started improving somewhat. But I updated this afternoon and since then I can play maybe a max of 10min (sometimes less) before it is basically unplayable and I have to restart. Wasted an entire…
  • Personally, I think 30 second energy is one of the best events. It helps a lot of players who don't spend a ton on energy. 1 energy infests/raiders would also be awesome. I always like increased chance of legendary cards, I just wish the drop rates were higher on them, it never seems like I get many and I know I play a TON…
  • This is absolutely ridiculous. My cane is at level 3 and it is now slower than it was BEFORE the cane. What was the point in spending all that energy, all those flares hunting bases when we got our reward taken away?? This is a bad move. BAD. MOVE.