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  • Oh yes-which posse members did I 'lash' out at? I made a comment which Tex took the wrong way & spat his dummy out of the pram & started being a patronising threatening sexist-showing his true colours.......otherwise I would of agreed with you that he is a good leader-so long as you do what he says when he says & how he…
  • Well I wondered when he would TELL you to speak for him! So if I was thrown out of group chat why did he keep his personal chat with me open? As for saying I'm off my melds again/got personal problems how can you say that when you don't know me & never will? Also if I want to 'embarrass' myself as you say I am doing than…
  • No I will not do what you tell me to! You know you kept me awake as (a) I told you,(b) you TOLD me to go to sleep (c)as you say you are in US,I am in UK hence the time difference As for threats read what you have written on here-no point going into what you said on the messenger as no one else (apart from your friends §…
  • Typical Tex-if he can't get what he wants he starts threatening! How mature to spend your time keeping m family awake while you patronised & threatened me in the early hours of this morning-how mature(!) to close down group chat so you didn't have to listen to me speak the truth but leave your personal messaging account…
  • Dont join if you want a life outside of this posse! You're not 'allowed'! Tex says!
  • Come join us at Georgia Boyz! Ya don't know what ya missing!
  • Gold rush is hard to do to help point wise also boring & having tried many different combos of sidekicks I still get defeated & end up with empty or only part full trains leaving my camp.....a bad idea for a new event ......new event would be welcome but not this!
  • C'mon! Join us & enjoy a chat,learn more about the west & battle until the dust dries ya throat!!