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  • And I can't either. Labor Day long weekend here in Canada. I'm always at the cottage that weekend and there is no wifi there. Good luck to all. I'm sure it'll be fun :)
  • Lol ya jester. Some updates have been questionable
  • I will do just that doodle. Saddle up and mozy on down the dusty road. Play for fun. Relax. I have no needs for cards or anything at the moment. After over a year fighting at the top I'd say I'm due for a long break lol
  • Thanks Tex. If I decide to come back for a nettle here and there it'll be with The Legends. It's my posse. James and I organized the merge when we first started TL and I'm connected to it. For now I'm simply done playing hard. I'll play where 50/60k will be impressive lol
  • I'll still play. But in some low level posse. Like way low. I don't mind sending a train here and there
  • Attack all you want wingman ;)
  • I'm also retiring. Enough tap tap tapping. No updates. Maxed out in upgrades. I've done my time! It was fun to play with you all :)
  • Tex you know you fit right in TL. Like a glove. Stop the nonsense. Come back home with the big guns ;)
  • They wanna get rid of top dogs who don't pay and who have witnessed all their mistakes. I think once many have dropped off they will release updates. Just watch ;)
  • I'm at 53 now doodle Ann. Wanted to be close to lv 61 ;)
  • Texano the search for steel is always the hardest in the game. Any game you play there is always one thing harder to get then the rest. What I don't get it how come we can't buy some still directly
  • Cool wingman. Consider you a friend as well. Can't have too many friends in the Wild West;) I'll do the same. I don't attack revenge much after an event. Don't have time. To overcome a hard opponent like yourself unusually have to sit there and attack until I figured out the path to take. If I attack once and then try…
  • Lol gazza you may be right. Or they are waiting for all the top guns to quit one by one so only new paying players play. They won't conplain since they don't know how the game was at first. Often times the first members in a new game see all the developnent and all the screw ups and tweaking. We aren't the ones that spend…
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  • lol After they released gr and Bigfoot in a western team game investors sacked all developers. Now they are waiting to fall even before continuing development... I hope lol I know if I had invested money in this game I would have chewed out that idiotic team and fired all of their asses on the spot
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  • I see you on my map as well. I keep switching you. You're too difficult to beat ;)
  • I'm at 52. I have nothing left to upgrade except traps and bombs. And I'm 1100 away. Don't see how I'll even make it to 53. To upgrade those I'll need lots of steel. Can't play events and save steel at same time. I'll have to take a few events off just to be able to do that. Game is not well balanced. Oh well...
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  • I hit 52 this week. I guess I'll see what you mean wingman
  • Nothing oddjob. Seems to me they are not developing the game further. It's been month and months now no update. They did a last update and added gr event and Bigfoot and turned off a lot of players. I think the whole dev team got fired for that stupid update lol
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  • It's the whole trick of the game. Mastering flags saves troops and brings the victory!
  • Ps: indeed a great finish. Impressive score. Congrats to all he did PB!!
  • Sounds like you work the government wingman lol
  • Good job in TL 2 last event lurch. I'll come and play an event with you guys soon. I like knowing everyone in the posse :) Good luck this week!
  • Woe we have 3 posses. 2 active. One sleeper. When you don't wanna play you move over to #3 The door is open if you change your mind bud :)
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  • i never get invited. I thought we were friends Trever. Mates. Partners... Luckily I'm a patient man :p
  • I second that
  • Lol trev. Always a bag of laugh ;) Agreed wingman. Heh built something good. They needed competitors otherwise it's the same thing week in week out. And that gets boring. I just can't help putting someone in place when they blab without thinking and their points make no sense. With that said what posse will we infiltrate…
  • Always recruiting @Earl_1 . He said he was posseless so yes ill offer him a home ;)
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  • NotHEH you are an idiot and a fool. And an hypocrite for hiding behind such a stupid forum name. Grow a beard. Man up. Stop your whinning. The bigger teams always go after the bigger players. In games AND real life as well. Many sport top teams offer more to top players to come play for them. Its a game. It's a tactic. The…
  • If you lost your posse check out The Legends and The Legends 2. We are always looking for new players to keep building up the posse ;)
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  • Lol that's a problem many men wish they had wingman