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  • Lol James always stirring the sh*t pot with two hands lol
  • Both re now officially at 3.5 Great team work gang!!
  • Good comment Tex. Except the one about my trains lol Time is what's needed to do more. I hold my own. Been busy ;)
  • Agreed! Go TXp go! :)
    in Congrats! Comment by Frag June 2016
  • Agreed gazza. They should offer the top cards. But then we won't spend lol. I don't need cards anyway unless they release an upgrade. Right now I'm stagnant
  • I don't think I can take the pressure. I would like to start in TL 8 please :p
  • Me me me pick meeeee!!
  • I feel you wingman. Been there. Done that. Multiple times lol. And always the same reaction "arrghhh noooooooo". Then I get over it lol
  • Crappy rewards have been the norm for a long time now. Then again what else can they offer but the cards that are part of the game
  • -Improved chat on own tab -Saving map layouts -Instead of choosing a card you don't need from a deck to then just delete it, adding the feature to simply skip that card and not add it to your own selection would be great. -adding "replaykit" from Apple that lets you record and share your tactics with your posse -seeing…
  • Must be another tactic wingman. Who really knows ;)
  • You should put notice on cpw fb page Trever. We don't wanna be accused of not informing when we plan to attack lol We have proven our point. When we wanna win we play hard as a team and win. I'm joining you in the time off for summer concept. Sounds good to me :)
  • It'll never be out of your system James :smirk:
  • How's that for a beating. 866k. Done! It's clear. When The Legends wanna win we win! Let it be obvious now when we aren't playing to win and are just playing for the rewards.
  • It's quite simple. When we wanna win we do. When we wanna just reach 3.5 we do. We don't need to explain or inform anyone of what we do. Heh used the feeder loop hole to build an empire and give cards away to players who didn't earn them. For months. The Legends have players who all earned their levels. There is no denying…
  • Damn Trev. I had cheeseburgers as well. Totally forgot it was pizza Wednesday. I'll have to eat two next week then lol
  • It's a frozen delicios lol
  • Miam ;)
    in Pizza wednesday Comment by Frag May 2016
  • If you did not have it saved in Game Center you're screwed. Were you getting achievements rewards? If so Game Center was on and it should have loaded by automatically
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  • I agree Brad. The first to 3.5 wins. End of story. Playing for 4 days like that is ridiculous. Events should be 2 days so people can enjoy the game and not be kept busy for four days. They will ruin the game eventually with events so long. Personally that last event was enough for me. I'll play. But not at that level.
  • Epic battle. Hats off to heh. A force to be reckon with. In the end too many of our bottom guys didn't come through. So goes life!
  • I have only good things to say about all the top posses. It's a grind to be on top. A grind I won't be doing every weekend that I can assure you of :) As Charlie says you need two posses to have 30 available and active players
  • @Gazza how can anyone beat heh if we didn't do what they did. They were the only ones who has pools of players to choose from. So all we did was even out the playing field. 420raiderz was top 5 for months but always lost players every week cause it was too demanding. Or because a few players couldn't contribute that week.…
  • Lol trever you always crack me up
  • People have done that to us many times when we were 420Raiderz. We were not threatened by it. Our members were loyal. As yours are @bonbon since they didn't leave your posse. Sometimes some players are in a posse doing 150k while everyone else is doing 30-50k. It's only fair for that player to get a shot in a top posse if…
    in The Legends 2 Comment by Frag May 2016
  • After we have all played so long to get to our levels and always seeing the leaderboard the same we had to come up with something to shake things up. I am sure HeH appreciated the challenge after always being alone at the top. It is intense to say the least so you need two posse. As Johnny says you have to be able to take…
  • 2 spots left Shirkam lv42 come knock again. You didn't give us time to let you in bud ;)
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