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  • Wait till they introduce the Eagle Eye event next week - with two brand new speed up cards. ....and then the Greased Pig event the week after ....and Log Rolling event the following week. Yeee Haw!
  • I understand what you are saying. So why not simply state that there will be no event this week, so they can execute this important change? That is much less disruptive than staring an event and repeating last week's fiasco. Again, it's about communication and respect for the players you are needed to help employ the…
  • Spot on, Bandit. Remember they also later talked about how rough the start of the last event was. So they decide to repeat the fiasco? I wish the team was more communicative.
  • I think I could forgive dev team for this interruption if they maxed out my steel.
  • Same problem here. In addition, I am getting the little WiFi pop up which means it has poor server connectivity. Plus my gameplay is not being saved if I kill app. So clearly it looks like server is fubar for the time being. No sense even playing until they restore it. Would be nice for a simple 'we're working on it from…
  • I will post this in suggestions, but as I see it there are two solutions to fixing the feeder issue: 1) Posse members that join during an event cannot accrue points for that events. Pretty simple... 2) In addition to posse tier rewards for an event, add individual tier awards. I would like to see maybe a Veteran Steel card…
  • Have sent request in game. I am currently L44
  • I would like to join the posse, please. CPW name is Brian. I had been in Las VegasWash posse as co-leader and consistently was top tanked there. I left the posse yesterday because we could never break 1 million in events, and I was tired of posting >> 40K per event while the leader kept people who always posted below 20K.