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  • Yes, some can do more with less, but there will be MORE players topping 4700 with level 29 survivors. Some don’t need it to be easier or want it to be easier, but it will be easier. Most maxed-out players will be able to get through another level or 2 after upgrading their top 10 heroes and gear.
  • Do we have a guess on when the release will be available? Looking to time it so I have max tomatoes 
  • 8,000 tokens for an extra 1% chance to dodge? I guess that’s better than the tokens sitting there unusable. The LT increase would be the biggest draw.
  • Sorry, am I supposed to know who Mercer is? I’m assuming he’ll have a big role this season, but I don’t remember the character being introduced last season. 
  • Double xp with half healing or extra unlocks are the likely event this weekend. Gold rush would be welcome and valuable to all players
  • I was interested and motivated at first, then quickly started dreading it as something to get through for a few tokens. My interest and scores have plummeted since and I find I’m not remotely bothered by that. The tiger/walker/dog buffs are so small that unlocking them isn’t even a motivation. 
  • We’re finally not absent, but with the visual error of us not showing until we play a mission. The problem is that half the guild gave up on GW this week since it’s such a cluster&@#%
  • 2 days absent for Lismore. Doing a mission in another game mode changes nothing. Thank you for the update. 
  • Ditto. Support said they were aware of it and to try playing a mission in another game mode and then check again. Didn’t help.
    in ABSENT Comment by IcePeter August 3
  • Mildly irritating, occasionally comical, low priority. Rick’s vaudeville walk is not ruining the game. 
  • Yes, forget about the warrior critical chance nerf, the comically slow spear run, the SPY damage reduction, or the status overload — THIS is the change the People want you to roll back!
  • Totally up to you, but I try to limit it to when there is a substantial benefit (or prevention of loss). Challenge skips, where that single point added back becomes 6 or 12 points. High level Guild Wars missions you may not finish otherwise. Stuff like that. 
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  • Likewise. iPhone/iPad west coast. No update available. 
  • GP and paste, my bad, it looks like my post was worded a bit more harshly than intended. And thank you for pointing out my false assumptions that those who have put in the sweat equity may prefer not to have what they worked so hard to discover made readily available to anyone. I stand corrected on your motives. I…
  • A LOT of work has gone into cracking the code, discovering “exploits”, and a select few seem to derive more pleasure from the research than the gameplay, so those types, as well as those enjoying the elitist advantage, are the only ones likely to disagree. They could still have the advantage of knowing the entire map. This…
  • The 2000 point one likely replaces chainsaw and the bruiser weapon likely replaces festive Lucille, but we don’t know yet whether either will be game-changers. Luke’s Mace has a better chance of being elite due to the cripple mechanic.
  • They try to mix up the GW shop stuff, not having the same item twice. I’m not clear what’s shameful about that. If you see an item there you might want, get it. If you’re looking for a second of the same item, there are other avenues for getting them. It would be pretty pointless if they had the same stuff repeatedly. 
  • That’s why I don’t live in California 
  • I hate it when I run out of Ritalin!
  • Definitely didn’t wish for anything in those lower level rewards. Zero temptation for early spending of GW points.
  • No stun makes Dixie BBQ (and Light Machine Gun) worthless, unless on Outpost defense, and definitely not worth any price for that minor benefit. 
  • Wow, edible components rather than radioactive? No complaints, as I seriously need edibles.
  • Yes, because I love seeing all the hyper-competitive types freaking out that they have to share their spot on the leaderboard 😝
  • What’s the new challenge scoring?
  • In general, I’m not looking forward to ANYTHING in the new update. There are enough game modes and weapons already that I have yet to master. There has been a ton of new gear introduced since the last council upgrade, more than can be realistically reinforced. At least they’re not throwing another useless character at us. 
  • Nope. Based on the description, I don’t think it’s SUPPOSED to be winnable, as the goal is just to get as far as you can with no actual end 
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  • The good news is that there are existing games providing exactly what you are asking for. This may not be the game for you if you have ADHD. 
  • Guild Wars burns me out, and has turned into Toolfest. With challenge/distance, you can quit when you want, but GW has a lot of pressure to use tools to keep the guild competitive. I’ve found I like these extended breaks and kinda dread that signup screen popping up Monday morning.
  • Simple fix: so long as ANY team member has a move left, the gore can be used on any member. If you can travel a long distance, attack, THEN gore up, that’s much more useful.