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  • Definitely didn’t wish for anything in those lower level rewards. Zero temptation for early spending of GW points.
  • No stun makes Dixie BBQ (and Light Machine Gun) worthless, unless on Outpost defense, and definitely not worth any price for that minor benefit. 
  • Wow, edible components rather than radioactive? No complaints, as I seriously need edibles.
  • Yes, because I love seeing all the hyper-competitive types freaking out that they have to share their spot on the leaderboard 😝
  • What’s the new challenge scoring?
  • In general, I’m not looking forward to ANYTHING in the new update. There are enough game modes and weapons already that I have yet to master. There has been a ton of new gear introduced since the last council upgrade, more than can be realistically reinforced. At least they’re not throwing another useless character at us. 
  • Nope. Based on the description, I don’t think it’s SUPPOSED to be winnable, as the goal is just to get as far as you can with no actual end 
    in Onslaught Comment by IcePeter June 2021
  • The good news is that there are existing games providing exactly what you are asking for. This may not be the game for you if you have ADHD. 
  • Guild Wars burns me out, and has turned into Toolfest. With challenge/distance, you can quit when you want, but GW has a lot of pressure to use tools to keep the guild competitive. I’ve found I like these extended breaks and kinda dread that signup screen popping up Monday morning.
  • Simple fix: so long as ANY team member has a move left, the gore can be used on any member. If you can travel a long distance, attack, THEN gore up, that’s much more useful.
  • Except for Morgan, the alt heroes are always better for beating higher level enemies. 
  • Simon’s leader trait: Backstab - attacks on unaware opponents add % damage and critical chance Bloody Bullets - non-body shots have % chance to inflict bleed Failed Coup - body shots increase team damage on the next turn 
    in Simon Comment by IcePeter June 2021
  • who doesn’t need more Governor tokens? 🤔 Princess, Shane, Yumiko, and I don’t necessarily care about the other 3 so long as they’re not Beth 
  • You have to craft bad badges to get to the good ones. Badge crafting runs through cycles of 30 badges with 5-6 having ideal bonuses. On average, you have to craft at least 4 bad badges to get to a good one. Use lower quality materials on the bad ones.
  • The flaming crossbow should obviously be the silent incendiary. Change piercing to lethal with no body shots and then the power could actually be a factor. It definitely wouldn’t break the game given the prevalent body shot strategy, but could bring a kill-based approach back to ranged. Give it to Aaron with Shane leading?…
  • Some of us are still struggling with the clutch on our new Ferrari, so she’s spending a lot of time in the shop. Just because the pros could hit 4000 with our teams doesn’t mean we can do the same with their teams. Some of us also don’t have the patience for the “stun and creep” methodology. I think she’s had a bigger…
  • My survivors are tailored for the Distance: tank killers and damage takers, and a deep stable of stunners to use with Sasha/Princess. And sacrificial lambs 🐑
… and rename her to Otis 😆
  • Switch when it’s no longer a challenge. If you finish with no or minimal deaths, it’s time to consider challenging yourself. The rewards are so much better at the higher level that completing 14 is better than finishing the lower level. 
  • Survivors share leader traits of all heroes in their party? Would that help? Built in defense/damage/critical chance bonus?
  • It’s not supposed to be fair. They’re in the business to make money, so the premium stuff naturally becomes pay only. Don’t worry about comparing your results to those with open wallets, it’s not worth it.
  • I almost quit twice. Changed guilds instead. Play how you want to play and find a group that will accommodate or appreciate what you bring to the table. I’d probably quit, too, if I felt massive tool use was an expectation.
  • It’s all personal preference. If you’re racing to max level, don’t unlock anybody and promote a core team of about 20. I chose to unlock and promote most everybody and level more slowly since I was focused on Distance rewards and wasn’t necessarily looking forward to having nothing left to update. Long game vs smelling the…
  • The double XP update gifts also double scrapping value. That’s when I go to town, and there’s often a 5 second upgrade the Monday after the update.
  • When I first joined a guild, I didn’t know what stars were and had never looked at the challenge mode. The game prompts you to join a guild, but you have to learn on your own what that entails. Minimum level requirements can help filter out the truly clueless. Much below level 20 can’t contribute meaningfully to…
  • “I think it’s time for me to fly…”
  • There are enough seasons and season missions that there could be a season mission rerun EVERY WEEK and there would be no duplication during a year and no need for development or testing. Why not? 
  • At 80% DR, he can take a hit without going red until about level 43. If you’re working below that level, D/DR can be a very viable approach. However, since you rerolled his Iron Skin, I’d tend to go offensive. 
  • Wow, it DID clearly say on Monday it was an all week event. I guess I’ll start upgrading something.
  • I kill lots of Tyreese’s in raids. Leader trait: pacifism. When Tyreese does not attack during his turn, the rest of the team’s damage and defense is increased the following turn.