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  • This is the day I started (and the first listed achievement) (Image) Well, took me a long time to finally connect to game center :sweat_smile:
  • (Quote) Paul - he's called that because he kinda looks like Jesus... I guess. :D Well, I wish I had some awesome tale or something, even though I have not been personally tagged... but I'm boring - Jaden is just my name. :sweat_smile:
  • Hold back, kill every walker you can - if you encounter armored and have no charge, move back as far as you can and shoot from there to keep them at a distance. You do more damage if you are closer, but if they survive, they'll hurt you bad. Try t…
  • I think you'll have much more success with this (your own) thread. Good luck!
  • Hope you find some interested players... But may I kindly ask you to stop resurrecting old threads and spamming your message everywhere? It's quite annoying to be honest to click on threads because there's something new only to read the same thin…
  • Didn't feel like grind to me. I used master missions a lot, that's how I got my PB. Wouldn't have if I would have had to play every single mission I was able to skip.
  • I was so unlucky on dumbshite, 39.2, that I gave up (after about 10 to 15 tries) and did the Garden master mission at 44 (and finished it the first try - only one star, but done is done). On top of the annoying fast walkers, there is just too much …
  • Oh no, I must have said something wrong and now my awesome 69 disagrees have been ruined. :'( Also, undead ninjas are still annoying. :p
  • Well, okay... Why not? I thought the challenge was challenging enough if you got high enough but if you say you genuinely love them... Good for the ninja walkers. Every creature needs some love. :# :D
  • (Image) ...
  • #totallynottrolling
  • I stopped caring about getting 3 stars, even on the master stages. Makes it so much more relaxing. Ninja walkers still suck.
  • All I know is that I want what they have - a combination dodge instead of dodge and bullet dodge. Damn ninja walkers...
  • Those undead ninjas in undercover clothes kinda remind me of the bugged Freemen that used to run across half a map. The only thing they don't do is phase back and forth trying to find what will hurt our survivors the most. Instead, they are able …
  • I was pondering for a while... Picked the middle one, he looked better than the others. (Image)
  • Maybe you'll need this, then @bladgier :D (Image)
  • Maybe it's the same thing that sometimes lets us move right up to a crate but not open it? Range slightly too short? Happenes to me sometimes, too - can't complain if the walker doesn't attack even though it looks like it could. ;)
  • I don't think you will get any help as emulators are not officially supported. :sweat_smile:
  • They don't work on weekends so maybe it'll just take some more time for them to respond.
  • I think resetting normal distance is only worth it during campaigns when you need the points to get to the final reward and can't get them on hard. Just my personal opinion, of course. I also think resetting normal should be cheaper as the rewards …
  • (Quote) To clarify: It didn't (and never will) make me angry that you don't like people jumping around on leaderboards or that you don't like people exploiting stuff. I was angry that you still kept on about people deliberately having to change the…
  • I lost a "friend" over iPhone vs Android, mainly because she was sure that Apple users never complained and never started fights or insulted Android phones/users. Think she'd be my "friend" again if I'd sent her this thread?
  • (Quote) I like you, man, and I hope you know - but this is really starting to make me damn angry (and it takes quite a bit to make me mad). Last time we had the discussion, I explained and even showed in full how changing the language on my tablet…
  • It is really great if you have next to no RPs. I was in hospital for about a week and couldn't play. Can still hardly play because of some shoulder issue - and made our guild minimum of 900. Can comment on how it works with enough RP next week, bu…
  • Well, this forum and the way everyone interacts has been established a long time ago. When I came here first, I looked at what others were posting, then started to engage, then later create my own threads. Now you come here and want to do it your …
  • "What the Fluxxx?!" - hurls the enemies in a certain range away from your toon so they can't reach you in one turn. Might hurl them towards their team mates, though...
  • That's correct. Only green and below - if not equipped - gets auto-scrapped if you have more than 300 pieces in total.
  • Can't 100% confirm it, but I think each special walker hit is a separate chance to activate (but only once per turn, still) as it seems to trigger more often for hits with multiple targets. I can't recall if we had a statement about that from NG @F…
  • I quite like it, too. With a little bit of clever luring the walkers from one side to the other, it can be fun. Not that I'm an expert or anything. At least one can use some tactics on that map to make it more enjoyable.
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  • I'm patiently waiting for my compensation next week - 25 gold, I heard, so that'll be fine. I just thought it was funny that the moment they ramped it back up again, I got gas (and BTW no one minds getting gas when on a booster @Fluxxx - way back, …