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  • Trevor, I have been with Topgunz since the beginning... There have been weeks where I couldn't contribute as much because of life. Kinwai and the posse has had my back in every single one of these circumstances. Not once have I been asked to step d…
  • Like I said in your voting post... Some are already looking for loopholes in the new rules... My prediction is that some of the feeder posses are going to be disbanded or drop significantly in number of members they have before the event starts. T…
  • I think some are already looking for loopholes in the new rules to exploit... And some may have found what they are looking for... But I'm a yay! And well played fatman.
  • What exactly do they get by this other than the fact that 150 can beat 30? Everybody knows who the best posse is! The ones that don't have to cheat to win! They can't win without switching players even with 5 full posses. They depend on the loop…
  • Frag... We agree to disagree about letting people in to get cards but we completely 100% agree about letting people in to obtain a higher score. Hang em High has been switching people in and out all day today because Topgunz were beating them by 10…
  • I'll agree to disagree Frag.
  • So if a player is in a lower posse that doesn't reach 3.5 million and that player scores over 150k or even 200k individually... They don't deserve to receive the cards? We are not helping people that score 30 or 40k... It's the hard working players…
  • 30 player total = 3,500,116 Any questions?
  • Here they are...
  • Frag you gotta understand brother. You pissed off some wrong people, including momma(earl). I was actually surprised she let you off that easy. We should get along though because it's just a game. And trust me I have been against feeder posse the…