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  • Ok lowered the entry level to 35. We need 10 players who want to have fun be active and want to be fighting in the top 10. Ideally top 5. If that's you, join and chat to 5, the boss.
  • 8 needed now, we seem to have had a few leaches recently. 3rd with 21 players. We will be great with 30 big fighters. Come and join the fun
  • Ok Pirates are back in business and will aim to be top 1-10 each event now. Yes I know probably 3-10 but we aim high. We now need 6, yes 6 top players to join us on our charge to erm 3rd. However, and this is a big however. Please only join us if you are able to hit 40k and more each event. If you can't or won't, then no…
  • Top 3 posse last event. Looking for 2 big hitters to keep us going. Come and be a Pirate.
  • Make sure you are true pirates though, that fight every battle until the end. Cowboys may be accepted though if you can show us your potential to be a pirate. Only the strong and brave need to apply. If you only want to sit and gain rewards then feel free, your reward will be a red ass, as the boss kicks it. Pirates are…
  • Oh sorry RJ, my bad again. Come join pirates
  • Times do change, I'm now leader again. 2-3 spaces free for want to be pirates. I hate having my level so low but for now level 25 is entry level. Come join and rebuild us to help the real but absent boss build us back up. I'm just acting boss whilst boss man deals with real life.
  • Hairy, you are always welcome as a pirate
    in Rogue's! Comment by MPH November 2017
  • Not sure if this is the right place Nevada. But good luck to the baldnobbers
  • 5 you are taking The Pirates back to where they should be. Great work
  • Ok now I eat my words. Pirates need 1. Times change and the fight moves on. Come join our top 10 posse
  • No longer a space. Pirates are full again . Great work 5
  • Back in top 10 for now, new leader, new fight, come and bring your cowboy attitude and combine with our pirate spirit. 3 spaces left so you'd best be quick
  • Changes have happened but pirates are still wanting to play big. I'm still here so come help the new leader go big again x
  • Oh and I think the last leader was on drugs as he has lowered the requirement level to 32. 32 jeez, that's almost like 50% off sale. You'd best come check out the pirates whilst it's so low as I can't promise the sale will last forever
  • Nice work folks
  • With you again in bw
  • Cheers Trevor, Gud and Manhatten. Means a lot
  • And we welcome anyone who is active and still wants to play the game. Come say hi and meet the rowdy pirates. We are here to play and have fun.
  • Oh and RJ, I said publically I am not leader anymore. I then, as 5 mentioned, decided to finish the event as leader as my stepping down didn't quite work out. So I helped stabilise the posse until the end. Now we have discussed all things as a posse and we are all good to go without me as leader. But I am still here, I may…
  • Find your way to a new game..... Bloody west
  • You were fine until Txp boss made me boss for 5 minutes. Guess you were jealous. And you were fine in pigs before that.
  • Well I sent 2 messages after that RJ so i wouldn't say my face is all over the forum. I'm no longer leader as I said I wouldn't be. And CJ, lol to everything against me. I'm good with that. Maybe add a few click click bangs too
  • I am not leader. But I will help the posse. 8 needed. We never need 8. Come on this posse got top 10 without me. Come join them, I'm still there as something, not sure what. But we are still pirates. I'm still a pirate. And RJ, have fun mate
  • Wow the pirates need 8. I thought me not being leader would get you all wanting to join lol
  • I wasn't aware I have told Manhatten what to do RJ. Enlighten me
  • Cheers 5
  • Ok my last response in forum. I'm no longer a leader of a posse. RJ, you are right and wrong . I have changed but my post the other day was not nice and I apologise. I woke up feeling shit about it, then saw your post and felt worse . I'll take all the shit about me, that's fine. However I won't take the comments about me…
  • No fuck it, I can't hold it back. No offence chucks, always love ya, but RJ, are you taking the piss. You are a Rogue. You fight and play for rogues but now you are a chuck. Kane sorry to bring rogues into it, chucks I'm sorry to mention you . But RJ. Pick a team mate