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  • I very much agree and am surprised this isn't part of the 3.5 update. Many players requested HS for ranged long before the previous update even. Is this something that is difficult to implement? If not, how about making one of the prizes for the …
  • (Quote) Because of course English is the only international language. :s
  • So it seems, having taken shooters out, you've left us without a useable bonus for this challenge @Fluxxx And this because of yet another NG ****-up. Makes one wonder if anyone at NG has actually ever played this game. How about scrapping this f…
  • (Quote) Actually, because these RNG rolls are not interdependent your chances of getting stunned are 50% whether it's your first roll or your one millionth.
  • I can see no reason why stun resistance should be capped at all. It's not like 100% SR would break the game, it would just allow you to execute your strategy as intended. RNG shouldn't even be a factor here. The cap only serves to drag gold out of…
  • (Quote) Stop trying to come up with excuses @ATLAS-Z And yes, Richard is still angry about having been kicked out!
  • @Troublemaker I really like your catch phrase. I wonder if you're open to constructive criticism, because while it is magnificent, it could perhaps be even better. Personally i feel "Expensive Interactive Jackpot Machine" differentiates …
  • Looks like they painted over the winter assault rifles left in stock. :D (Image)
  • Reduced healing times always make the challenge easier @ATLAS-Z 1 minute gas helps. So does the presence of master missions still doable at high level. So I don't think that observation (easier than last week) is indicative of the difficulty of …
  • On top of all their other abilities these fast walkers also have heightened awareness. The moment you come within 4 spaces of them they are aware of your position and come for you. Looks like NG just worked with the same mechanic as normal walkers…
  • Lakeside Getaway and not a lake in sight! Even the apocalyps couldn't kill these bloody marketeers! (Image)
  • Looks like you have a clear run to the exit @Troublemaker o:)
  • Now wouldn't that be a fantastic hero for some fancy strategy @ATLAS-Z Could even say the drive by itself does no damage only limits movement.
  • (Quote) I've heard some people say you've had some good ideas in the past @ATLAS-Z o:) Just don't go all Zuckerberg on me. :D
  • @TWDaddiction The scout was in lead yes. @jimmorrison369 unfortunately i'm not in the habbit of recording all missions so i borrowed a screen from a guildmate who's toons where in the same position to draw the movement of the fast walker prior to a…
  • We should now get a new hero with leadertrait "Laces": Has a 50% chance to tie a walker's shoelaces together whilst attacking and thus slowing the walker down to half speed." o:)
  • I haven't seen this mentioned in the other threads but there are a lot of them so i might have missed it, but on two occasions now the fast walkers cruised right past my bruisers to attack my scout. That's just not right! Unless they're now Neo Ei…
  • Same here. Submitted a ticket anyway. big sigh
  • By putting your evidence to the people that can actually do something with it. But i couldn't possibly put it any more colourful than @ATLAS-Z Honestly @vshield50 the way you go about it, all it does is make you look like a bad loser and rightful…
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  • And yet here you are asking for people to be named and shamed @vshield50 . Once again. I've seen you go as far as posting screenshots of players that you deem cheaters, but now you can't handle the tables being turned on you. So now and only now y…
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  • That's just his point @Firekid , he only understands 3 words of English and would like an auto-translation to his native language because he is missing out on all the awesome posts on this forum. There are more languages in heaven and earth than ju…
  • Thanks @bladgier . Good to know i wasn't hallucinating. o:) Guess it's been a while since i did outpost raids. :D I'm sure a fix is just around the corner. :#
  • I think this was implemented to prevent us from tagging @flu*** :D
  • I'd like to bring up a topic that was raised by one of my guildmates yesterday. If you make maximum use of the master mission you will in fact be playing solely for stars, and no longer for rewards because those rewards will effectively be cut by a…
  • Your thoughts were correct @Firekid. The master mission is one of the 6 maps but at +6 RSL. Every round passed, the master mission moves along. So last challenge it would have been: death trap, then new home, the breach, ...
  • Does Alpha's Critical Chance leader traits also stack with sure shot?
  • Why is the walker rooted for one turn? Surely if you harpoon them they shouldn't be going anywhere anytime soon and should stay put till they're dead or you finish the mission.
  • Do we get 18 crates to open after completing the master stage, or at least all 9 we get post mission?
  • Disappointed there is still no Hazard Suit for ranged. Was an easy and much needed addition to ranged armour. Also wondering if it's really worth taking point blank trait over destructive on a weapon. Looking forward to finally crafting and replac…
  • Just replace it @Fluxxx This mapset is already the king of autospawn at least put one fun mission in it :( . Wouldn't even mind at all if you skipped this mapset altogether.