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  • @Richard Howdy! If y'all lose a defence to a player who has much lower bounty score than you, you will lose quite a lot of points. And once you win an attack to a town of a player who has much lower bounty score, you will only gain a little. So, to gain a lot of stars, you need to target the towns which have higher bounty…
  • @Ninnyd great to hear that this has been sorted out!
  • Howdy @joe ! Have you sent a message to our support from the game? Our support will help you with the issues you are having! If you haven't yet sent a message, send one now, explain your problems and include the hashtag #westsupport in the message.
  • Howdy, partners! Y'all find those good ol' Wranglers from the Train Packs when doing Cattle Battles and Posse Event!
  • Hello @Jamesnykorak ! We understand that this problem has been frustrating to you. Our team has been investigating this issue and our support will get back to you as soon as possible! Thank you for your patience.
  • @pelly Our customer support is happy to help you with this issue. Sorry to hear this has happened to you! You can send a message to the support inside the game from Settings> Help> FAQ> Contact Us.
  • Hello @Jamesnykorak ! The problems with your posse have been fixed now and everything should work normally in the next event. Our support will get back to you through the in-game support and explain this issue further. We understand that this has been frustrating to you and we want to thank you for your patience.
  • Hello @DirkDangler . Thank you for the feedback. We have never before heard that someone would have interpreted the sketches on the map this way. It has not been our intention in any way.
  • Hello @Ninnyd ! Have you send a message to the support about this issue? Our support team will handle this as soon as possible, if you have sent the message.
  • @Lightfeet It seems that you are playing the Walking Dead: No Man's Land. This is a thread for the game Compass Point: West. You can find the No Man's Land forums here:
  • Howdy @Cosmo ! Y'all only get posse points from a full train! When y'all are sending out a partially empty train, the game should inform that y'all ain't getting points for it.
  • Howdy, partners! We're really sorry to hear that you have had this issue during the event! Our team has read now your messages and the info that your posse has been having the problems has been forwarded to the team. They will investigate this and we hope to get it sorted out as soon as possible. Our customer support will…
  • Howdy @Bandit and @Podrido ! Yesterday's maintenance was done to fix the rollback issues you were having. If you notice this happening in the future, contact our support as soon as possible. (You can find the support inside the game from settings -> help -> faq -> contact us or online:…
  • Howdy @Texano ! Your Pony Express needs to be on level 5 to be able to see and attack other players on your map, partner!
  • Howdy @Ninnyd ! Sorry to hear that this has happened to you. Send a message about this to our support with the hashtag #westsupport. Our support team will get back to you as soon as possible! (You can find the support inside the game from settings -> help -> faq -> contact us or online:
  • Howdy! We sure always try to avoid doing maintenance in the middle of the event. This time there were some issues happening to some players which really affected the gameplay, as in rollbacks. We thank everyone of you for your patience and hope you will enjoy this week's event as well!
  • Yer Courthouse should be on level 8 to open up the Train Station and being able to join a posse!
  • Howdy! The message "connected to another device" is related to server issues. The message is a bit misleading as it doesn't actually mean that your account would be accessed on another device. Our team's working on fixing this. Also, the rollbacks are something we are currently lookin' at! We'll let y'all know as soon as…
  • Howdy! Thanks for your comments. In the future we will make sure to keep you all better posted about the situation of these kinds of issues on the forums as well. Thank you for your understanding!
  • Howdy @MINDSHANK ! Your Courthouse needs to be on level 8 to be able to join or create a Posse. Have fun in the Wild West!
    in posse Comment by Nekobasu March 2016
  • Howdy @Alpha ! We've got something in store for those Shamans! News about this coming soon!
  • @Aksel It seems that you have sent a message to our customer support. Our team is looking into this issue! Does the freezing still happen really often?
  • Hello! We are sorry that the list has not been up-to-date lately. I have now updated the known issues list.
  • Hello @Raven32 ! This sure is a weird thing to happen. We noticed that y'all have sent a message to the customer support and our team is currently looking into this.
  • Howdy @fraulman ! Y'all get to attack other players once yer Pony Express is on level 5!
  • It seems that this is an issue, which keeps on causing a lot of discussion among y'all players. We understand that to some of y'all this is a great, long-waited change and some of y'all might not agree. We're sure that y'all get used to these new restrictions of the posse event. Now it's time to start gathering up a strong…
  • @Cosmo Great to hear y'all enjoy the game!
  • Howdy @Ninnyd ! Thanks for your feedback. Those Shamans ain't sure there where they should be. Luckily we are going to balance those healers to change their behavior a bit! We'll let y'all know as soon as we have more specific info about this.