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  • At this point Next Games, we’ll take any sort of information. The 6 planed weekly events stopped after 3, no update to our newspapers,  our cards have dried up, our choices limited or nonexistent (sorry, the choice between two regular Tinmen in a dr…
    in Update Notes Comment by Oblio January 1
  • My posse chat is full of players talking about leaving the game, the scaling back of cards has strangled the game.... If Next Games has a plan, they better share it with us soon or there won’t be anyone left to share it with.
  • The Sidekick event is pretty useless, we can’t merge cards If we don’t get any cards!
  • Next Games is AWOL again, they don’t seem to realize that to get a discussion going about about the game, they actually need to get involved. The new “minimal” card draw system is a disaster, I get half the cards I did before. A temporary lowering …
  • I noticed Event Sites levels are confused as well. For example: On my map, an event site shows Level 64, but when I start the battle, it shows as level 66.
  • P.P.S. Paying cash every 2 weeks to get half as many cards (with little choice) will be a challenge to see as a game improvement
  • P.S. If you want to keep the long time players you insist you are grateful for in your letter, it is very important not to make them feel cheated when an update makes a resource less valuable, (for example, makes our Diamonds half as useful as they …
  • When Booby Traps and Quicksand were introduced, they did not give XP, so anyone that built them before that may not be able to reach player 55
    in Ausbau Comment by Oblio November 2020
  • There are no notes about what the update addresses, I can’t check myself as my Samsung Galaxy Tab A is still incompatible.
  • A few players in my posse using Android have the same problem,  all the Sidekicks are stacked when they launch an attack, so only the Sidekick Type on the Top of the stack can be deployed. Galaxy TAB S2 Android 7.0 Galaxy TAB S4 Android 9.0
    in Glitch Comment by Oblio June 2020
  • The only way I can find Compass Point: West on the Google Play store is to use the link on Next Games Website.
  • Device: Galaxy Tab A (2016) Model: SM-T280 OS: Android OS 5.1.1 Android Security Patch Level: 2017-12-01 These are the most recent compatible with my tablet
  • 10 out of 30 members of my Posse “40 something” have yet to post any points this event. I expect most of these players have been unable to Update to 4.0. Either because their iOS hardware is too old, or their Android devices are “incompatible”.  My…
  • OK, i’m a little reluctant as many of these names were mentioned to me, I have only seen the replay video to confirm the attacks weren’t proper on around half of them. Some players may have grown a conscience and restarted legit using the same name…
  • This issue has been mentioned a few times before in this Forum. The following is from posts of mine from November & December of 2017... “There is a software issue with some older versions of Android, players using this OS version get and reciev…
  • Skill Tree This info is now Out Of Date 
  • Leapfrogging on map: you only need to have explored the start point and finish point to unlock a rail section.
  • Unfortunately (for everyone) they can use the glitch in Cattle Battle & Gold Rush events as well as PvP. I found out one of my posse members was using the Android Glitch to win PvP battles, when i confronted him he seemed surprised that i thoug…
    in Cheat Comment by Oblio March 2018
  • There are several previous threads below that are about the Glitch Attacks ‘Strange Losses' 'Lost without loosing the Courthouse'
    in Cheat Comment by Oblio March 2018
  • There are dozens of players that have taken advantage of this Android glitch, some of us were keeping track of the 'glitch' attackers, until the list got very, very long.
    in Cheat Comment by Oblio March 2018
  • Any trick to getting it to load on Android? Hangs at around 90% loaded for me.
  • Can’t load at all on Android. Only my account that uses my primary Apple ID as it’s Game Center ID will load on either my iPad or my iPhone. Train tab is inactive Event Sites are blank circles and won’t load. PvP often crashes PvE works OK Chat is O…
  • Can't login with some accounts, train tab inactive & event sites are blank circles. Can anyone see the current CB event?
  • Read the thread above ‘Lost Without Loosing The Courthouse’ There is a software issue with some older versions of Android, players using this OS version get and recieve much higher damage. Using long range troops, if they do any damage to any buildi…
  • I have gotten a chance to chat with one of the players who has been making these raids, they say their build of Android (4.4.2) behaves oddly with Compass Point: West. They say everything does much higher damage in PvP. They use long range troops …
  • My level 16 account has been attacked several times by solitary sidekicks who win without damaging my Courthouse at all. Usually in around 20 seconds. 2 times it was 49ers, 1 time a Gatling Gun, 1 time a Mercenary. Every time it was a different play…
  • You can get additional battle points during any battle by destroying buildings, but they are only temporary, they need to be used in the current battle. You can only permanantly boost the Battle Points you start each battle with by upgrading your Fo…
  • The building values do change some with your level. It is most noticable in GR & CB. In GR at lvl 16 i think i get 3 BP for destroying a mine building, but i get 6 BP at lvl 54. I gave up trying to understand if there was a specific formula or …
  • I've been joined by HeH players in helping out starting posses, and HeH players have offered to fill vacancies at my unaffiliated posse before. (BTW, the only posse who's members have offered.) I'm not a big fan of the big 'franchise posses', but i…
    in error Comment by Oblio April 2017
  • Of course, happy to have you along. As long as the posse knows it's a visit, they won't get confused when you go. Our expectation is 12k min in Gold Rush, and 20k in Cattle Battle. Guests earn their keep! :)