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  • Read the thread above ‘Lost Without Loosing The Courthouse’ There is a software issue with some older versions of Android, players using this OS version get and recieve much higher damage. Using long range troops, if they do any damage to any building they can automatically win a PvP and apparently Cattle Battle & Gold…
  • I have gotten a chance to chat with one of the players who has been making these raids, they say their build of Android (4.4.2) behaves oddly with Compass Point: West. They say everything does much higher damage in PvP. They use long range troops in the raids so they can do damage first. If the defenders get off the first…
  • My level 16 account has been attacked several times by solitary sidekicks who win without damaging my Courthouse at all. Usually in around 20 seconds. 2 times it was 49ers, 1 time a Gatling Gun, 1 time a Mercenary. Every time it was a different player attacking. I've spoken to a dozen players in 3 different posses that…
  • You can get additional battle points during any battle by destroying buildings, but they are only temporary, they need to be used in the current battle. You can only permanantly boost the Battle Points you start each battle with by upgrading your Fort. BTW, higher Battle Points also mean stronger Camp Defenders, which will…
  • The building values do change some with your level. It is most noticable in GR & CB. In GR at lvl 16 i think i get 3 BP for destroying a mine building, but i get 6 BP at lvl 54. I gave up trying to understand if there was a specific formula or rule behind the differences.
  • I've been joined by HeH players in helping out starting posses, and HeH players have offered to fill vacancies at my unaffiliated posse before. (BTW, the only posse who's members have offered.) I'm not a big fan of the big 'franchise posses', but i'm less of a fan of baseless accusations. From the outside they seem more…
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  • Of course, happy to have you along. As long as the posse knows it's a visit, they won't get confused when you go. Our expectation is 12k min in Gold Rush, and 20k in Cattle Battle. Guests earn their keep! :)
  • Form a co-op and offer to buy the game
  • Next Games has just been listed on the Finnish Stock Exchange, they will be trying to avoid negative press for a bit. But after things settle down, who knows. I figure we just enjoy it while it lasts. :)
  • One opening at 40 something, 800k to 900k posse points on average. Quiet, ACTIVE, life friendly posse. International, chat mostly in English. Moms, Dads & Grandparents who like to game! See you on the trails.
  • A 'work in progress' adding zones as i get there with my new account.
  • Booby Traps go up to level 20, the upgrade from 19 to 20 gives 100 experience points, so 8 booby traps should give you 800 points! Say hi to level 55 for me! I'm trapped at level 54 :(
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  • Of course i remember you! As soon as you have a train station you can join a Posse, the train station unlocks when you have a level 8 Courthouse. We'd love to have you back. I'll keep a space for you. I'll drop the required level to 13 so you can join. If you haven't started opening up your rail road yet, i recommend you…
  • Happy Trails! Don't be in a hurry to upgrade as fast as possible, enjoy the journey :)
  • Many Android devices are full multi-user, and can host your older West account, and start a new game with a new user account and gmail address. This won't impact your older game.
  • I'm collecting info on the EXP rewards for all upgrades. When i have it complete i'd be happy to share. You can then figure out if you can make it to lvl 55. I advise not going over level 51 unless you know for sure you can make it to 55. Player level 51 is a sweet spot to linger... indefinitely, at least for Gold Rush.…
  • As it seems unlikely the level 22 Courthouse hinted at will ever materialize, it's up to us to reinvent & explore what the game can offer! Some of us that started building booby traps and quicksand pits before you could get EXP points for them will never make it to level 55 :( I would advise folks to think about where they…
  • Just a post to bring this great resource back to the top of the pile
  • I always choose E) none of the above
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  • Or be polite and don't answer.
  • Map credit goes to James & Earl. James posted the screen shots of the train line extremities, Earl posted the composite map. These were posted quite a while ago, but some players from my posse were asking about the map, so I brought it back to the front of the discussions.
  • Cattle Battle Map - Complete. Just adding a note to bring this back to the top, players in my posse are asking about the map, and James and Earl both posted good info. It should be seen.
  • @texfromsaigon, yes it's a big deal, if I didn't think so I wouldn't have replied to your message. There is a dedicated spot where people looking for a posse to join can look to find one. But people NOT looking for a posse don't have to wade through advertisements to review actual discussions about the game. Your response…
  • @texfromsaigon, absolutely the wrong spot for this recruitment message, it will now sit here forever as a separate discussion. Very not cool! Reflects badly on TX Punishment, and on Earl. You may have great respect for each other, but clearly not for the rest of us or the forum!
  • I've lost the ad wagon a few times during the year I've been playing, the longest stretch was for about a week or so. But it always comes back eventually. Around twice a day I get the same black screen as CJ and need to restart my iPad/iPhone. Ad wagon = glitchy
  • Thanks for getting back to me and pointing out a good plateau level. I didn't hear about level 51 being a sweet spot until I was already at level 52 :-( I've given up hope of Next Games remembering us and giving us any sort of update, so its up to us to invent new ways to enjoy the game. Currently upgrading my courthouse…
  • Colt, 'one cow train' is a genius idea. I've started a second game to explore it. It's nice to play the early missions without needing to be anxious about what happens next. It seems a natural place to stop advancement would be as soon as you can recruit Legendary Rangers, but I can't recall at what player/courthouse level…
  • Yes, May 9th was a GR event.
  • Sounds like a plan... I'll take you up on the invite soon. See how the big kids play. :-)
  • That would only work if you could make space for me and 28 of my friends.... Thanks for the thought. :-)