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  • Lol Good youre not frustrated. You don’t sound like it. Must be youre schizophrenic other part that posted in youre weeks you where not here on forum. Our are you talking to yourself in there mirror when you talk about a manipulatieve narcist?
    in Wilderness Comment by RJdm December 2018
  • Lol Good youre not frustrated I never tought you where You never sounded frustrated ever Never where kicking out off pure frustration Never where a liar Only thing you are is maybe a bit dum, dummer, dummest Saying you have not looked on forum but posted two days before But glad you happy with the recordholders Wish you…
    in Wilderness Comment by RJdm December 2018
  • Beside picking on others and have a big mouth saving cards seems to be all you do. You saved cards for over a year and then, when record event finaly took place, you kept on saving. Next time use them during event and put up a score as big as youre mouth. Instead of letting the others do the hard work. Youre score just few…
    in Wilderness Comment by RJdm October 2018
  • Congratulations Xena
    in GO ROGUE Comment by RJdm October 2018
  • Thanks Cindy, also from the other 29 great players off our posse. We are verry happy to break both records even tough we where not that well prepeared in this short time. But the memory and help from those who are not longer with us made us rise above ourselfs. It is them who these records belong roo. They never be…
  • Second it Tex Great team with great team effort and lot off fun Thanks all
  • First I didn’t know it was YOUR posse. You where not there, otherwise I would not have joined. I was there to play an event. There where a lot of players I didn’t know but there where also some players who I have played with before but not seen around for a long time. You say I should have sad Hello before but I don’t know…
  • Well Manhatten you may not remember it but last time you kicked me, after you where allowed back. Doing time outside the posse, I told you the kicking didn’t bother me. It is the same this time. But I am happy for you it gives you so much pleasure. And that you are the king off the rocks this time and are not banned…
  • As always it always somebody else fault - for you doing youre Cindy - for you kicking somebody sure it is the autocorrect you blame for typing Kaïn instead off Kane. I left when you joined but only after the event was over. I don’t think I am great, not even that good but have at least some standerd with who I play with. I…
  • Well they can screw it up once again before And else 6th our 20th? With all those people wanting to play should not be a problem to shift the date
  • First it is not my record, i just was small part off great group effort. Second for whiping youre ass they invented products for it starting with Zwitsal for baby’s. Further if you not able to wipe youre own butt in our country there are verry qualified people to help and home’s you can live where they work. But i think…
  • Good to hear you didn’t quit. As all is back to normal youre record event can go on as planned. Finaly you can proof you not only talk but also deliver. And not all failers where due to a glitch, youre attempt whit the person who name we don’t speak also failed. So far only verry big promisses and verry little results. And…
  • Yes Cindy I heared that programmer is in arena 51 tougether with the team that killed Kennedy and the monster off Lochness It is easy to say you would have broke the record as he never even got close. Further not all his attempts where “sabotage” by the dark side and still failed. And as always a lot off talk about great…
  • With friend as you Cindy who needs enemies
  • Thanks for the invite Cindy but I had the pleasure signing up before for one of Manhatten record events. Was not a nice experiance. And altough I don’t have a clue what it means. Must be my bad english. But the part “stop posting here our I will flat you” dosn’t sound very friendly. So I pass Wish you all fun in event.
  • You Missing the point completer Cindy. You where lying about youre score and lying about you leaving mid event. You give a disturbed visioen off what happend, youre ego was the one apperently to big for the event, you where the one agresive and abusive towards others. Main point is you where not a team player, you think…
  • Manhatten you are still the great liar as always. You tried to get people onboard on youre record posse by telling them there was a battle against RR wich Kane agreed on. Aperently you can’t get a posse on youre own without lie and cheat. Cindy you also a big liar. You didn’t leave event because youre inexperiance our how…
  • As all others here not changed
  • September 2019 our 2020?
  • Maybe they don’t like those who quit during events letting the team down
    in GO ROGUE Comment by RJdm July 2018
  • What a load of crap Cindy You should be more a teamplayer You leaving has nothing to do with not being prepeared enough by those doing the event And Manhatten for the first time go ahead and don’t make it about others You been talking about it for more then a year by now Nobody from the recordclub has been sabotaging you
  • Then failing to make 4.5 is not as bad Tought I heared a rumor the goal was set at 4.5 by somebody Felt sorry for him, disputen his great effort, team didn't make it Must be mistaken Like I sad. Great win
  • Congratulations on a great win. Shame you failed to break the 4.5 mil Maybe next time
  • Think Nobody responding because this suposed to be a recruitmnet post. But all have MPH And Nobody know why it happend
  • We must have you confused with another Hairy. There is also one who talks more then he send trains most of the time. But can put up a good score every now and then. Must not be easy for you to be in this game with the same name as him.
    in Rogue's! Comment by RJdm November 2017
  • After a long and bloody fight Rogue Riders finished on top again. Rogue Riders still rule the west Great job all Riders
  • Great score, great fun and great members Thank you for a great event
  • And such a joker yourself Manhatten
  • Tholdway nice comment But why not tell MPH the same He started his rant again
  • Lol You being leader as a Joke for 5 minutes in TXP is not what bothers me. I give Just some off the points contribute to the point where we are now. It was not an instantie dislike. It grows. You slacking in TXP almost all the time You leaving before events ends in TXP on more then one occasion You calling names You…