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  • Lol Twisting the truth Seems to be a pirate thing MPH started posting adressing me So my was Just a responce And No I feel No need what so ever to be with MPH in the same posse I expireance it before and was more then enough
  • 5Zm6 glad you are happy and I also are glad MPH stays at Drunk Pirates. And Yes MPH is not leader at this moment. This dosn't change the fact MPH was leader after he posted here he would not be leader anymore. He was leader big part off last event.
  • Well you where leader last event altough you claim your not. Supossed being a pirate you need to be a liar. Have fun but stop the crap trying to sell your lies.
  • MPH you such a notorious liar. I think you believe the crap you try to Well yourself. You where leader during big part off last event. And counting Seems not to be your strongest point. At the time you wrote your messege you wrote three before. Put up messeges be leader just don't know why you have to say you don't our…
  • Must be they all know you can't be trusted. Your word you not gonne be leader got broken already
  • I am bad in reading and writing English MPH but you are evens worse in it. As you always tell others what they can our can do you told me I had to stick to one posse. I asumed it also applied for others, except yourself ofcourse. So I was supprised Manhatten was allowed to play for more then one posse. Never wrote you told…
  • Good for you Don't let MPH tell you what you can our can't do Nobody should
  • Lol You don't need to be loaded with Cards to do better then 100k. But suprised me that you where allowed to play outside your normal posse by MPH As always all men are equal by him just some more then others
  • Come ride with the cowboys and girls from Chuck Wagon
  • I wish I had those long holidays you guys had back then
    in Hang'em High Comment by RJdm August 2017
  • join the top on score and fun family Rogue Riders our Rogue Riders 2
  • MPH can you finaly make up your mind what you want to be Mister Nice Guy our the one who always wants to pick a fight The one who thinks people should stay off threads off others our the one who go there to attack Pretending to be a better and changed person our Just the MPH like always telling others what they can and…
  • So good to see a man change for the better There used to be time a time he would tell other people what they could not do. And then do the things himself other people where not allowed to Makes me so happy this is no longer the case Good luck DS on next event
  • Lol Gud you apoligize to Xena now?
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  • Lol No but also not pretending to be peacekeeper Telling others not to provocate while do it myself Not telling not to talk about the past and do it myself in almost every post Not talk about running away while kick others because I am to afraid off them There are some I don't want to be in a posse with There may be a lot…
  • Well manhatten be the first one to show us how its done You can start and stop provocating like you always do
  • I think you missed Trevers point completly Manhattan
  • Not all story's are from long ago. You know very well Manhattan. And with certain persons it feels like groundhog day. And i learned those who deny history are a part off it somehow, mostly not in the most pleasant way.
  • I must have missed it too Sko Just can't believe you still try to maintain there was no reqruiting by co-leader who was leader if Zero was out
  • CPW new HEH record I believe
  • Aperently not Gud Everybody can be wring sometimes And i have nothing against a lot off the players in HEH Just confirmed a story about reqruiting Have fun
  • Everybody can see she is not in RR I saw those sheets I can't show them as i don't care to safe all stuf I just confirmed about reqruiting and you want to deny it it is up to you No need to pretend RR has something to do with it as you can see Yourself But if your sight is so bad i can imagine you have never noticed the…
  • Lol You talking about coward When you kick people means it yoh are afraid to be in posse with them Manhattan And i believe the person we revering to has played as co-leader in HEH for weeks not so long ago
  • You take it personal Sko while there was talk about HEH in general I didn't tell you personal where reqruiting I did say some players off HEH did You entered this discusion afterwards and told in your opinion it not/never happened Forgive me i didn't make notes our screenshots like some like to do I even saw exel sheets…
  • HEH always been fameus because off DA reqruitment And if we make all in the open then lets clear last point You did not know manhatten to lie But you knew there where not 40 players who comitted to your event when he told so
  • I was not talking about you but Yes Love makes blind i gues If you don't have a clue who was spending a lot off time reqruiting
  • I never mention it happend to all posses but did to some And being a part off HEH as you are you can not realy deny they reqruited in other posses We both know that is true and not a lie
  • And not talking rumors I sure I typed seen Not heard We all can pretend that reqruiting is not been a part off this game. Performed by some very Well. Our stop beliving fairy tales. But as it is just a game lets leave it Everybody is free what they believe
  • Maybe you should remember yourself Lol
  • I respect you Sko But have seen a few times certain people from HEH turn up to "help" posses in trouble. Meaning take over the posse and their players. So that part of Trever story I can confirm. I never had contact with people from CPW so that part off his strory in can't confirm nore deny