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  • Only suggestion is drop him in to camp beside target building so he can get a few thumps in before dying - I only use notorious others die too quickly
  • To be clear HeH is boycotting - some HeH joined HeH2 to play but Bitrops moved up to join Zero in boycott so that's the No 1 and No 2 world ranked players expressing an opinion
  • Only good under achievements so you get a few diamonds
  • It just really proves that the top teams were achieving the scores in a legit manner - it has stopped card raiding which is good - it stops multiple teams being able to swap in players to gain cards which some would argue is good - but it does stop …
  • If you have a request to join a posse active that will also prevent you joining another posse
  • Mine is now saying 15hrs 15mins and still no chat:(
  • Once steel was only used for railway lines so once you had them all laid it was useless. Then you brought in Wranglers and these were good guys and you could use the steel to merge them - all was good. But then steel was needed to merge for legendar…
  • We are all in agreement and thanks for clarifying they used to heal each other. I try to keep them away from hits but most frustrating is when a ranger fires from behind a pen all the troops run towards her - now I can stop all by clicking on the pe…
    in The Shaman Comment by Randy March 2016
  • Same problem with me but says cattle battle will start in 15 hours by normal reckoning should be 4 hours?
  • Thanks MPH have managed to get back in to HeH good luck
  • Nikkers to be clear I was leader but left to find out what happened in other teams. Promised to return and told you. There was a discussion and the conclusion was you were against feeders. This is fine. I then got impression that making these sugges…
  • I am with 420Raiderz and got top score in last battle. Have also been in HeH and saw no evidence of swapping out - some were kicked for non performance and guess what others came in but only to get the cards already earned and then left - they have …
  • Have dropped out from Hang em high to come back to you guys
  • Hi it's Randy looking to come back in but you are full just now