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Well, that part wasn't changed with the update. It was like that before the update as well. Unlocked heroes are included when you filter by class, though.
 I heavily doubt that. A 50% damage reduction wouldn't be a nerf, it would be total destruction. Might as well remove the heroes from the game if they'd nerf their damage output that much on purpose. Unless of course they would have done way way way more damage than any other hero before; but afaik that isn't the…
  • Thanks for the clarification! :)It must have changed shortly after JayZ wrote that post then; seeing as he wrote it at the beginning of the month. The update probably dropped 1-2 weeks later or so.
    in Body Shots Comment by Saturn July 21
 JayZ's guide, which you also mention, says this: It's in this post. Is that bit of information outdated?
    in Body Shots Comment by Saturn July 20
 I see... you've GANGed up on those NAMeless walkers with STYLE! ...sorry, I couldn't resist. :D
  • I personally quite like it; finally a way to get more Abraham tokens! :D
  • Oh wow; that's very... annoying, I guess. The best part is, you normally wouldn't know until you start crafting and only get crappy results and then wonder why. I guess I really should find and check out that Discord server before I start crafting... though that's not gonna be very soon, since I assume it's best to wait…
  • Thanks! :) I actually have no idea what those even do or how you would use them. Just like with badge-crafting, there isn't really any information around; neither ingame nor online. Unless the wiki has some information about it; but for all I know that might be as outdated as pretty much everything else that's in it. But…
May I ask why? Don't you need the higher quality stuff to craft the best badges, while the lower quality only is used for lower quality badges?...I actually have no idea at all how badge-crafting even works; but that would be a logical assumption, I would think.
Yeah, I haven't touched it at all yet. The only thing I've done so far is to exchange lower rarity materials for higher rarity materials in the shop during events that allow for that; provided I actually didn't forget about it. I might do so at some point; provided I can find it. I remember some people mentioning it…
  • @FuriousMoldovan Thanks. The idea behind PGG and Maggie is to farm tomatoes and XP more efficiently; though it's hard to tell if their bonuses make up for the fact that you'll need to level them too. For the longest time, my go-to team was indeed Abraham, Daryl (hunter) and Sasha (with regular assault and a regular shooter…
  • Thanks for the replies! :)So I've looked at the rewards for this week and saw that the "Hard" mode has some Abraham tokens. So I was like "Oh well; I'm gonna try!" simply because it's so hard to get tokens for him for some reason (barely made it to three stars, while Sasha who I got much later is at five stars already).…
  • Thanks everyone for the helpful answers! :)I've decided to bring Scout Glenn up to my core team's level. I'll drag the regular surivors that are not part of my core team along for now; although only whenever I feel like it. I mean, I can (and have to) still use them for The Distance.As for Carol and Rosita... I guess I'll…
When I've first played this game, Daryl merely showed up for the tutorial and then during a few of the story missions. There were no hero characters at all, that you could use; only regular survivors. They also could die back then. I believe I've stopped playing at some point after outposts were introduced.When I've…
  • Thank you! :)I guess I'll just stay in the guild for now and hope the bug gets fixed soon. By the way; do you know if once I've reached council level 12, if I can change my guild war defenders without actually doing a guild war, and if this would also help as a workaround for the bug? Help as in I could (provided that…