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  • And can the cost of Guild Gifts be lowered to 300 or even 200? It's a scam at 400.
  • Smart investors would take the Morgan tokens and then ask for the change  ;)
  • Princess absolutely stole the show in that episode and I agree that we do need another Assault Hero.  Also, while I have never been a big fan of adding in Alts (I would prefer new characters) another option for assaults could be "Terminus Assa…
  • Probably somewhere with Rufus.
  • Keep in mind herded walkers move first, so overwatch at your own risk.  I wouldn't want to get rid of the ability to attack herded walkers because sometimes you want to lead them into your attacks to get a kill.
  • Update 3.4 Trait Reroll Rework:
  • @SCBMA did you reroll the same trait? I am pretty sure there was an update where this isn't suppose to happen on consecutive rolls. Also since you're apparently rolling in reroll tokens, do you mind sending some this way?  ;)
  • Dodge is a decent trait for him if you can get your DR to 80% without IS. My Beta is badged with Dam/DR, and it's pretty useful that he can take a hit sometimes. Although once I get enough tokens I will reroll for luck and use him as a Glass Cannon.
  • First of all, I am assuming you have Lucky at 20% right? However, Lucky doesn't directly add to the trait, it's multiplicative so it's really 30% × 1.2 = 36% chance of activating. Now to answer your question, everyone else on your team will only ha…
  • @JordanYuki it was a 4×4 call with ×2 hero tokens (it included every Hero). Fun story, it originally said ×2 survivor tokens too, and after I submitted a ticket they didn't want to give me what was advertised and basically called me a liar. Eventual…
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I think the components are just too expensive, 450 for each component and 700 for a frag is 2500 points for 1 badge, that makes a badge the most expensive item in the Guild Shop. Of course legendary badges are good, but eve…
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It's the apocalypse, everyone is going commando.
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Yeah but swapping weapons is something you need to do way more frequently. Even if it was 1 gold it would be ridiculous.  I do think it would be a good idea though, if we were able to freely swap badges until we filled all position…
  • > @Reeconn said: > Free badge removal should be a permanent thing imoa They should definitely run the event more often, but if it was free all the time then you would only need a few badges. Just imagine: "Oh no! My best bruise…
  • Good stuff, but I must protest the useless category: "U-useless. In my opinion critical chance badges are useless. Some very high level players like them, but we aren’t high level." While I wouldn't put too many CC badges on a surviv…
  • > @reekookr said: > Show us your kills with your assault fire gameplay ShadowWalker? I have none... That's the whole point of this post, to improve an outdated weapon so that we can get fire kills with assaults. Did you not understand …
  • > @IcePeter said: > Non-stunning assault weapons are only helpful for Outpost defense. Until it stuns, I don’t care about any other realistic modifications. Rather ironic to say during fire week, but each to their own I suppose.
  • I am getting hungry now...
  • I have used JSS in all those ways, so to answer your question, I guess yes? lol
  • Guild Wars was taking up to much time that I could have spent repeating the same six missions over and over again. So since I am getting burnt out, that means nobody else should be able to play more than me if they want to, because they should only …
  • I think you just discovered the next thing for NG to waste our time with collecting. I'm all for it.
  • An update to mine, and JCS needs to be added.
  • Sorry @Silverhawk , I know you mentioned that as just one plan, but 6 weeks of no Guild Wars, with a one week between each war? That's a hard pass from me. I am beginning to think people just don't like playing this mode.
  • Maybe... we can see how they phrase their complaint first before being mean. Perhaps NG should reopen the Guild Shop if someone complains... just replace all the prizes with Jerry tokens.
  • Someone, somewhere, will still forget or ignore it and then come here and complain. I can guarantee it.
  • The Devil's Torch. Lucky Flare Gun A second Tactical Spear would be nice to have. Beta Tokens since NG is allergic to his ×2 call. 2000 Jerry tokens for 200 RP. Prowl Bag to carry more tools. Bikini outfit for Rosita and Jerry.* …
  • Seasonal Campaigns are individual rewards though, and some players simply may not want to be part of a guild, or they leave for a little while. The only way I see this working is if Seasonal Campaign tokens from GW are added to the total we can …
  • Ok it seems like are going to end up with a break every week, but if we are going to do that shouldn't we just go back to old schedule, the one that was a whole week plus the next Mon/Tues, and registration starting on Fridays? It would seem like…
  • > @3vilrine said: > Although I voted mid season break I'd like to see a longer break after the complete season ends of like 2-3 weeks between seasons. I like this suggestion. Also, it would be ideal to start any Seasonal Campaigns during …