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  • I'm sure this will be unpopular here, but, I'm saying it anyway. If CPW hasn't made a rule against it, then it can't be considered cheating. We swap, however, it isn't anything near what some of the above are saying. We have a few that are developing their game, leveling up, and only have 2 full trains. We let them in to…
  • One more thing for the math 101 genius. With a 2 hour cool down and the 1200 point system you can score roughly 9600 points; with the 4 hour cool down and the 1900 point system you can score 7600 points. Last time I checked, 9600 is higher than 7600. Hmm, wonder who needs to go back to Marh 101 now?
  • I do have a suggestion that would help posse leaders immensely. We need some type of system to enable us to know who's on, who's not, and how long since they've logged in. A previous game I played used color coded dots, in their version, of our posse members screen. Green signified they were currently on, yellow when…
  • I will admit, the new setup for events was better than I had expected. 4 hour cool downs is a bit long. 3 hour cool downs may be better; in 4 hours, I've moved on to do other stuff and tend to shove the game to the side. Aksel, don't get your comment about math 101, since the numbers tell the truth. I'm an Engineer, so, I…
  • Once again we have been duped by the designers/developers of this game. Why do we still play? Been asking myself that question for a few weeks now. Increasing down time 100% while increasing the payout by 60%, on the events, has to be one of the worst decisions in this game, and trust me, you all have made some really…