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  • Never doubted you for a minute best buddy best pal! I meant that Cindy has scored in life, hit the jackpot, come up all trumps so to speak since we met and had that intense connection. Similar to when we met but without the sexual feelings.
  • Hiya matey, still looking all beardy serious, love it loads xx. I reckon Cindy has scored actually. Since I stopped taking my medication twice daily, I’ve realised that we have a deep connection and understanding. Once we are together we will unleas…
  • Totally agree with everything you said Cinders, it was a fix right to the end. If I was a villain in a cartoon show I would have to say that “I would've gotten away with it too if it weren't for you meddling kids.
    in Goodbye Manhatten Comment by Woody1970 August 2018
  • Aww, that’s a really nice eulogy RJ. I honestly didn’t think you had it in you to be so munificent. I’m not sure how you’ll cope now without your bezzy mate, just try not to dwell on it too much.

    “And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of …
  • That’s a great disguise mate, nearly didn’t recognise you. You’re still a fine looking figure of a man though. 😘
  • There was a young lady called Cindy,
    Thought she was all that and quite indie,
    She left during a game,
    Giving others the blame,
    But everyone thought she was just windy.
    in Glitch and record event sept 13, 2018 Comment by Woody1970 July 2018
  • Ahh, so that’s where ‘doing a Cindy’ originated from, always wondered 🤔. Thanks for the enlightenment RJDm. 😂
  • Dedication, dedication
    Dedication, that's what you need
    If you wanna be the best
    If you wanna beat the rest
    Oh-oh dedication's what you need;
    If you wanna be a record break-er, Oooooh.
  • Think you are flogging a dead horse there MPH (excuse the pun). It's tough to stay loyal with all the backbiting, trolling and underhand recruitment that has gone on on this game. Let's face it, it's really is just a game. People should be able to c…
  • Lol! Of course I'm not referring to you ladies, you would never stoop so low. I'm great CJ thanks for asking. I deleted that 1st post Peg, reckon it was just petty and mean spirited and I didn't want young kids reading it if they happened to come ac…
  • How about giving it a rest with all the shit slinging guys? We all know that the developers have killed CPW but you're making it even less fun to participate in for the rest of us. Just seems that you're all living in your own private Idaho.
  • Hello MPH, sorry to hear your in not in a good place at the moment and I hope things will improve. I've only ever made one post before and we both know how that went, time to let it go I reckon. Water under the bridge. It's good that you've been so …
  • Crikey Peg, what happened? Didn't expect that mid event, but there again you're always a bit unpredictable lol! As a fellow Double Shot I'll miss that crazy, carefree attitude but I reckon I be staying put with the Rogues, need some stability at my …