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  • What about having a rotating set of heroes each week? Like TLS but for GW. Announce the heroes on Monday, war from Tuesday to Sunday. Same maps, same difficulties. 
  • Personally I prefer Princess over Mercer in GW. More consistent charging. You don’t need M’s LT at level 50. P can kill almost as fast at that level, but won’t cost you as many tools because (s)he didn’t charge.
  • Every time there’s an issue with RP being reset, why not just give everyone RP based on their max challenge score instead of resetting to 0? Or reset everyone to 26 
  • 1. Do you lose your equipped gear if you delete a character? no 1A. Should I get rid of my beginner survivors and other 1 star character? Is it even worth training them? I only use heroes but it’s good to have one survivor in every class with ideal traits. Delete all 1-3 star characters, but if you find a 4 star survivor…
  • Tactical decimator not available for 1000 gold
  • There is no one best assault weapon. Depending on the mission, different weapons may be superior or introduce alternative strategies. Of the decimators, the tactical is by far and away the best one. There is no reason to ever use another one. If you don’t own one, the lucky decimator is second best and there is no reason…
Isn’t it a bit early to already be leading w Sasha instead of Star hero?
I can do a Governor led scavenge run in under a minute. In 7 minutes, I can get 7-10 scavenge runs. At max level, it’s 30k bonus per run, which does not include any chests. Throw in the chests, and it’s a clear winner. You can also stockpile components, gold, and radios while farming this way.
  • If you’re on a gas booster, Governor is by far your best leader. Your goal is not to kill, but to finish missions as fast as possible. I use scout Glenn and hunter Maggie, trying to get kills with Glenn for extra tomato’s. Governor - any tactical weapon, health and DR badges Glenn - crescent edge, dmg and DR badges Maggie…
  • My guild went over the max score but we definitely didn’t do it maliciously. I am the GW coordinator and I couldn’t figure out what was going on and why spent attacks didn’t match remaining attacks. I’m sure many went over max with no intention of cheating/exploiting. Fix the bug and reset all guilds to max VP that they…
  • I’m planning to buy one. It could have a niche.
  • The savior handgun replaces both the import 57 and the flaming cripple crossbow. It has the higher Incendiary chance of the former as well as the added range and gold lucky of the latter. You lose destructive but who cares. You don’t need top dmg from your shooter
  • Only three traits matter. Use the fourth to match your badge sets. Better yet, save your reroll tokens for other heroes. The fourth trait of an offensive assault is negligible.
  • Phalanx made it sound like there are so many options to spend TG on and we choose not to spend it to build up these huge stockpiles. I am saying that there isn’t much choice for end gamers. My TG accumulation is faster than the shop refresh rate. And yes, it is a first world problem. 🙂
  • How?! I’ve been buying all the 12K armors each time and my TG hasn’t moved. Well, that’s not true. I think I’ve gained another 100-200k TG since Primed armor was introduced because I remember being at 11.5M. 
To each his own. My Sawtooth Spike has never been used. The extra base damage doesn’t make up for the single target attack to me. I’d rather hit twice as many Z for 95% of the dmg each.
I can literally buy everything in the TG shop every refresh for the rest of my NML career and not spend my current stockpile. There is no way to spend it. There is nothing to buy. Not even worthless stuff. If you join a guild doing 100k every challenge, you will see what I mean. The accumulation of TG is faster than…
  • Still not enough to get me to use it. If it guaranteed the next hit (not the full turn, just one hit) would be not instastruggle, that would be useful.
  • So is your idea that this can keep chaining or is it limited to just the one(s) Jerry hits? For example, Jerry roots the first Z, it spreads to an adjacent second Z. Can it spread to a third Z that is only adjacent to second Z?
  • But how would we spend it all? Even if I bought everything in TG shop including class tokens, it would take months (years maybe) to burn down my current stockpile. That’s not even counting the weekly inflow from challenge.
  • I don’t expect to see it fixed before the end of this challenge. How about some compensation though? Maybe some zeke tokens for everyone? I’m sure everyone was forced to use tools to compensate for the lack of perseverance charging this challenge.
  • I counted 15 times Yumiko showed up in the black market before I was finally offered a cripple winter bow. It’s just small odds. By the way, the Mercer Axe did not make the crescent edge irrelevant. CE is still one of the best scout weapons, and I regularly use it over MA. And the sawtooth spike isn’t even in the…
  • I like the idea, but if there was a 3x button, it should be clicked before you play. Can’t see you what your score is and then decide to triple it.
  • I bought every reinforcement and reroll token ever offered in TG shop since it was introduced to the game. It’s a great deal. And I regularly buy random 12k shooter and hunter armor. You need 9 sets of primed/stun resist armors for your GW defenders, plus at least one set of primed/ruthless for every class. Until then,…
  • How many of the community ideas actually get considered? Not bugs, or QoL improvements, but actual creative ideas like new traits, new gear, or new features. Does someone identify the best ones from the forum and bring them to the team for a vote? What determines what actually gets included in a release?
The fact that it has incendiary and you can root as an extra free attack is what makes it overpowered. Removing silence does nothing to lessen that. It is a wasted trait with SPY/SMY anyway
 How about a shotgun with infused lucky, silver tactical, gold cripple, gold incendiary? That might give a flaming harpoon some competition 
  • Even the mask is useless now with Primed until they change Overwatch to not target herded walkers
  • Better as a weapon trait than a leader trait. Then you can use it selectively on freeman maps 
This gets suggested so much, but it is a completely different game from NML. Might as well ask for a first person shooter mode and a horizontal platformer mode too.