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  • Thats what lady Gaga said in the MV & I know that, I have many Indian friends ... its religious thing & I dont eat beef myself ... i only eat seafood & chicken :)
    in Hello Comment by fire_water June 2017
  • Hello, hello, baby You called, I can't hear a thing once you kill a cow, you gotta make a burger ...
    in Hello Comment by fire_water June 2017
  • throwing tantrum tuesday
  • @CRUSH Pop! Six! Squish! Uh uh, Cicero, Lipschitz! He had it coming, he had it coming He only had himself to blame If you'd have been there, if you'd have seen it I betcha you would have done the same
  • Carol because i love her cookies
  • thanks @Captainslayer ;) lol @DoTak .. no more rant for a while heehee .. btw, sometimes i was unlucky, got tricked by those opponents who lured me in with their green, brown survivors but had heaps of zombies (few fatties & armours included!) which are at least level 17++ .. lol ... and few times i met level 19 survivors…
  • Yay, gonna reach my goal very soon .. 6k influence
  • me prefer badger ! i will take badger over badges anyday
  • ^ ^ ^
    in Hello Comment by fire_water June 2017
  • @DoTak i'm impressed you caught me >:)
  • this red guard ?
  • I give u 100 influence, u give me 100 phones ? Its fair trade , deal? Pretty please ?
  • i had to google this song & i think this song came out when i was ... like ... 5 ? :D
  • thanks sensei btw, is Movado your sensei ? @DoTak what a creepy old man you are ! you scared da hell out of me !! :s now i need your help tying me up please, i cant stop fighting at outpost (but pls dont remove my hot pants :D ) !!
  • ^ ^ you're welcome old man :D EDIT : @Governator = sensei , @DoTak = old man :D
  • LOL thank you SENSEI < 3 ! i promise i wont harm your defenders, no need for white flags , all you have to do is to look at the flowers
  • oh I have to thank my sensei @Governator for teaching me when I asked him about tips & tricks when I first played this game
  • @Shut_Up i hate war ! i hate fighting ! but my goal is 6000 influence am not greedy type of girl but i want more more more TG :D
  • oh my lord, i just got 3 phones from opening crates after 1st challenge ! woo hoo ... NG listened to your/our complaint !!! thank you! thank you!! thank you !!!
  • please don't report my gif !!! i cant live without gif am begging you with my big brown eyes !!
  • you can have mine !
  • ^ ^ ^ poo ? @DLich you reckon i should upgrade my training ground ? oh one more thing ... i wanna upgrade my normal zombies from level 15 to 16 but i couldnt unless i upgrade my walker pit from level 7 to 8 !!! ughhhhhh i dont want to ... :D
  • @DLich wow thanks for the maths @CRUSH
  • @DLich i am not sure what BP stand for .. but i think i know what you mean .. mine is at level 44 .. and i havent upgrade my training camp for a big while , i dont wanna face higher level zombies LOL ... :D i think i am in top 10 locally @Squall_NML ok then, bring it on !! @CRUSH
  • my training ground is at level 15 influence ? the golden star thingy ? this one ? what phone ? LOL :D @capibara haha no .. @docfinzenburg thanks @DLich (& @Squall_NML ) **mwahhh for answer lol @CRUSH , maybe ... :D
  • welcome home !!
  • @DrRevadac :D
    in Hello Comment by fire_water May 2017