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  • Maybe allow shaman the ability to help heal in town, ie.. the more shaman the quicker troups can heal
    in The Shaman Comment by mfjoker March 2016
  • Hey CPW, How about an update on what the heck is going on with the game, all kinds of intermittent issues, ie: chat not working, clock seems to be off, cards not registering intermittently until you get out of game and back in. Does this have anyth…
  • Level 21 is the highest you can upgrade currently
  • May not be "officially" cheating, but what it does prove is that HEH cannot compete with Topgunz Unite on a level playing field. Not really sure how they can continue to call themselves to top posse.
  • This would be a great tool to have
    in UNMERGE Comment by mfjoker February 2016
  • To be honest, cheating is when a posse has an unfair advantage that other posses do not have access to. Our posse choose to stick with the same 30 players throughout an event, but everyone has the ability to swap out members if they so choose. Some …
  • I know you probably know this but the higher the level of the trains, the higher the level of the enemy that you have to defeat, this goes for both the men and towers
  • Frag, I agree with Earl_1. You throw out this blatant statement basically saying any posse in the top 10 must be cheating to get the score above 3.5 million. We at Topgunz Unite happen to work our tails off to reach the 3.5 million goal.
  • It also seems to get worse, the higher the level of the pens, I dont know if that is just because there are more enemy troups or what. You are needing to lay down 3-4 flags just to get your troups to hit your intended target.
  • I just want to understand Frag, if you have players that are not contributing, you just leave them in your posse and do not kick? I would love to see your screenshots since you seem to monitor the top teams so closely
  • Frag, I am a member of Topgunz United and know for a fact that we obtain are score legitimately with the original 30 players. So before you post such nonsense abot 8 of the ten cheating check you facts. Our players are dedicate and work their butts…