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  • I've got a long way to go to get to that point, but I've wondered what happens when you get maxed out. Kinda pointless at that point?
  • 30 is just fine. More would make managing the posse a real headache, not to mention the redesign developers would have to do to accommodate it. Theres always room for some improvement, but theres limits too.
  • Thats an option, but i would really like to see the in game ability. With multiple time zones & countries it can be rough to try to meet up. Good idea though:)
  • Better yet, post it on the newspaper so everyone sees it instead of having to track it down.
  • It HAS been annoying as hell, fortunately it seems things are mostly back to normal. I was one of the luckier ones I believe, only lost 6 trains. It would have been nice if the admin posted a notice of what was going on, & what was being done to correct the situation in the newspaper. That's what its for anyway, isn't it?…
  • If there is a way, I have yet to figure it out. I'll keep watch see if anyone else knows of a way:)
  • Unfortunately as far as I can see, theres no way to search for players. Maybe the best way would be to start a "lost friends" discussion or something like that in this category as there doesn't seem to be anywhere else to post it.
  • I agree wholeheartedly nikkers, a cash shop just creates an elite class & takes the fun out of the game. It's truly refreshing to be able to play without being required to spend spend to advance. If it must be, then how about using our diamonds for it? It'd still create some elites, bit not ad bad as paying for cards with…
    in Cash shop idea Comment by woe March 2016
  • You have a valid point, but I'm looking at it from having had co leaders go bonkers & just kick members without any input from any other players. We even had one kick the founder of our posse after he passed the reins as he couldn't justify leadership of the posse due to available playtime. If nothing else, maybe a second…
  • All are correct, the dang things are all but useless, the only reason I'm hanging onto them is in hopes of the dev team correcting this.
    in The Shaman Comment by woe March 2016
  • Still have one slot open, come join us!
  • Now that the update had buggered everything up, & seems to be corrected, cmon over & join us. 1 spot available!
  • You're back, dam update buggered everything up agsin:)
  • Same thing, no posse, no posse list, thought I'd been booted somehow at first. Dam updates anyway
  • Thanks for joining jami! Still room for one more, come join the fun!!!!
  • Only hours till the next event, we still have 3 slots open. Cmon over & join us, lets fill those trains. Oh yeah, FREE BEER at the saloon!!!! Yee haw!!!!
  • We've had a couple issues too, new deputies mistakenly booting members. Kick ability should be only available to leaders & co leaders. Would also be nice to have a chat function for leaders & co leaders to discusd things like kicking promoting etc in private.
    in Bug or ? Comment by woe February 2016
  • Still need 2 new players, we fell just short of the top 50 last time, join us & help make it back there!
  • Next event is coming soon, come join our friendly hassle free posse! We still have two open slots to fill. Come join the fun!
  • Ditto on private message especially between leader & co leaders. That would help in making posse decisions like boot, promo, etc