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  • Man, I’ve been asking for these type of bundles since week 2 of nades 😩😩😩
  • Damn mofo made no mention of me and my 122-2 gw mission record smh. @JayZ you will be haunted by a ghost you asshole. 👀 no love, don’t forget the Russian Killer 😆 perfecto I put them is the casket.......
  • I like a break after every battle so I can reset myself and focus on other game modes and please for the love of god bring in a tool bundle! I want to keep some of my gold PLEASE!
  • Im training people for GW, it’s the only interesting thing for me to do 🤷‍♂️ need some motivation. I did great in GW yesterday 17/18 😁 all 40+ maps
  • Yes plz and Eugênio
  • @Karajoca be careful what you wish for, the storm is coming 😆😆😆🥃
  • > @Thunderstorm said: > I have no idea who xbamfx is, but I have a few questions for him: > > 1. How much real money have you spent in this game? > 2. How much time have you 'lost' as compared to how much time have you 'enjoyed' …
  • > @ATLAS-Z said: > Imagine you're most favorite video game you've ever played... > > Then imagine every month they just added more to the game. Another level, another mission, etc... that would be nuts. > > If it was Residen…
  • > @capibara said: > Oh..cmon @xbamfx ... just say you are tired and bored by the game. Makes sense. If you seriously think on it you have never been playing 4 or 5 no one game before... but don't say it's just because of a useless granade or …
  • > @Spiked said: > (Quote) > I just find it hilarious that a bunch of p2p people (rerolls, weapons, badges, stars, gas, gold, etc) are bitching about people are buying wins and "skill" and that this change is going to upset the l…
    in Grenades Comment by xbamfx May 13
  • > @Spiked said: > (Quote) > Video would have never seen the light of day if swift strike didn’t activate at 1:05 Of course I would not have posted had swift strike not activated, I would not have the chance to use nades and health kits…
    in Grenades Comment by xbamfx May 13
  • > @Firekid said: > So now, that it’s been changed to 30% are you still leaving @xbamfx ? I am happy to see it was modified down from the OP version it was, I may stick around a bit longer. I’m incredibly humbled to see so many good people…
  • Hence the choice of music
    in Grenades Comment by xbamfx May 9
  • @TWDaddiction i made it on purpose
    in Grenades Comment by xbamfx May 9
  • https://youtu.be/2yMlt-GMI_g This should help @QueenOTD
    in Grenades Comment by xbamfx May 9
  • I made a video but I don’t know how to share
    in Grenades Comment by xbamfx May 9
  • I had a med kit offer in the daily 😆 all I had to do was complete 12 missions. I did 11 and said nahhhhhhhhh 🥃👊
  • Clean to 49! Lol 😂 suck on some nades and stick a needle in your butt. 🥃 Happy Mother’s Day you filthy animals
  • I have used 0 nades or health kit. If I could give you mine I would in a snap.
    in Grenades Comment by xbamfx May 9
  • Then again you’ve probably never played at those levels and know what it’s like to beat them, a 4-5 pink rick or HD doesn’t mean anything if you don’t know how to play with it properly.
  • > @Spiked said: > (Quote) > So help me understand my disconnect. If people with 4-5 pinks (I.e. significant p2p players) are having issues with this, they were buying kills (and heals and gas) before anyways, but this somehow crosses the …
  • I love you bro @Killdozer187_ no homo 😁
  • @Killdozer187_ gtfoh with another cash game lol here soon NML will have a tactical nuke and wipe the map 😆😆😆
  • @ATLAS-Z tell him again so he gets the message 100% lol I know of a player clean to 49! CLEAN not 1 lost star ⭐️ lmfao challenge is dead! So what is distance and GW??? A fookin joke that’s what 😆😆😆. Play clean to 50 every week my dudes! Have at it 🤔
  • @rogueDS its like I told my friend @Pic ill never say forever but as it stands right now I don’t feel like this change will give me a sense of accomplishment, again I’m not knocking anyone who may like it and more power to them if they enjoy it. Who…
  • @Danski_46 haha I laughed so hard at your comment 😆 I’m 5x combat vet all I do is survive mwuahahaaha. Good Luck to you my friend. I’ll still be on line from time to time helping ppl if I can and FB to help promote good people who have always been g…
  • Now people will agree with my stance on HD power strike trait lololololololol
  • Stay on topic people, quarantine has your panties in a bunch 😆 drink some liquor nothing will matter after half a bottle. Pay tribute to your bam Negan or my vampire bat will slay you peasants!! “you will forever know my name” -BamNegan
  • Please someone get this man @Cronus an ice cold beer 🍺 AMEN doing these missions and taking huge damage for 2.5 RPs is hard enough as it is lol let me save my gold as much as possible.
  • @Cronus if scores are added of course it does haha someone has to be a winner! 😆👌
    in Cheaters Comment by xbamfx April 23