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  • TCC
    We share a line app between both guilds with video's, showing off tooms and stragady help. Our scores range from 1900 to 800 Inc and 900 to 200 in Ltd. I would love to talk more about a merge because they are way to many guilds and not enough players out there now.
    May 3
  • TCC
    Hey I know you spoke to misfitjim a little but not sure how much. I know they are way more guilds out there than players. We just started our own guild because the one we left was not active enough nor did they want to get better.
    We left to start damage Inc to be a hardcore guild and be on the local leader board
    Than we started picking up mid levels players and said let's start a second guild for the beginners and causal guild for those that can't push or leveled up to 68 or higher to get 1100* weekly to the can than we move them up.
    We just had the privilege of one of the top players in the Usa before he just retired taught us how and what to do in order to improve our game to next level. We would love to have you merge I'm into our family. We are only going to have 2 guilds. Keep it small for the family feel where everyone knows who you are. We want to help and share the new found knowledge with our other members to push them to beat there personal best each week.
    May 3
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    May 1
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    May 1