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  • Carlseye

    I am not sure on what I am going to do yet, but saw your post and wanted to run it by you, and see what you and your team think, before making the decision.
    I have run my team(s) for a very long time now, and am getting a bit burnt out on running a team, and constantly having to recruit.  We are currently finishing up 19.3, but have been informed that after this season we will be losing several players as they are burnt out.  I don't think I have it in me to go looking for a merger again.
    If I join a different team, I am glad to be just a member.  I do not need any special titles or anything.
    I do want to be upfront though, and this is where I would like you and your team to decide what works best for you.  I have 4 months a year where I can not be as active, because work destroys me.  From mid July to mid November I work A LOT.  So I honestly would probably not hit your minimums for those 4 months, and unfortunately, it is just starting.  I would probably be closer to half of what you guys are asking.  But on the plus side, the other 8 months I am extremely active.  I am not sure on MC, but I normally hit between 25-40k walker kills a week during the other 8 months.  Being up front, it would probably be around 5-10k max during the next 4 months.  I just want to hammer that home, so it is not a surprise, or have you guys think I am not an active player.

    About me:
    Level 31 player
    I am generous with flares
    I do not only dump in a TP.  I am glad to dump in what is needed for the board
    I do not do the events over the board.  I do still participate in the events, but board always comes first.
    I do kill raiders and whisperers.  Seems to be an issue with some.

    My key stats:
    2.3M walkers killed
    116k Raiders killes
    111k Survivors rescued.

    If it's not a fit, no worries.  I just wanted to be transparent in what you guys would be getting. 
    July 18
    • works
      Hello, I’m sorry I am just seeing this. I never got a notification. Are you still looking for a team? I will run this by the leader and the team.