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  • This iteration is already lame. Currently in a 7 vs 3 battle. Luckily I'm on the team with 7, but Guilds with a large number of participants are going to really flourish at the expense of the smaller Guilds. Heaps more mission's with seven less atta…
  • Whatever NW chooses as the number of attacks, can we make it divisible by 3? First level is 6 successful attacks to clear. Subsequent levels are 9 successful attacks to clear. It's a bit pointless having a single attack left. My Guild isn't committe…
  • I offered an idea under 'Maxxed Out Supplies' but just got totally negative responses. I still like the idea
  • I totally understand that NG want to encourage players to spend real-world money. Obviously some of that money goes back into the game for development of upgrades, etc. My Guild doesn't seem to have many spenders. $20 here and there is ok for me, bu…
  • Hi Welly...thanks for your input. I just don't think that everyone will have infinite tomatoes. The warehouse has to be built up from the trading centre, costing tomatoes as you go. Then it was a weekly 'withdrawal' of someone's surplus. If that pla…
  • I agree TransmuteJun... there will be a rush to get enough tomatoes to upgrade the council when it comes. My original post says that only tomatoes accrued above the 20M (current) upper limit can go into the warehouse. So you'll still have your 20M …
  • Well I consider having a mine account as a low-level form of cheating. However, this idea is to share resources with Guild members who might be able to use them to strengthen themselves. I don't quite understand what you are saying in your post...…
  • (Quote) If your resources are full why would you need a mine account?
  • Wow... nice WellyLuga. I'll have to do some work on my badges. I just got my shooter's firearm up to level 29... still only 11 000 damage. Congratulations on your Aaron
    in Damage Comment by Callas September 2019
  • Thank you, WellyLuga. I'd love to see the badges that Aaron has.
    in Damage Comment by Callas September 2019
  • I disagree. I'm level 71 and find warriors to be awesome. They can do lots of damage to multiple walkers, and do it silently. Not attracting other walkers is pretty important in my book.
  • My warriors and scouts are vicious. I put the two warriors side by side and a scout behind one of them. The scout has a kingdom spear. Then I let the walkers come to me. The warriors give each other mutual support and the scout cleans up any close s…
  • (Quote) My point is that NG can make it available at the cheap price, so why not always? If it was a 'physical' product that was bought, sold for profit, and then then re-stocked, I would just be grateful for the discounted few weeks. However, this…
  • It's all very well for higher level players, where the enhancements really do max put a weapon. What if you've a level 20, just upgraded your workshop and don't want to be spending again? It's then a temporary fix to enhance.
  • If I get any more ads about that Klondike game that take me to the Google play store, I will not be responsible for my actions... it's getting worse and worse 😠
  • I wouldn't mind this feature.. I really hate it when one of those explosive walkers comes around a corner and one of my overwatch shooters drops him, despite the rest of the team being within the blast radius. There goes my no injury star 😃
    in delete me Comment by Callas April 2019
  • I'm on Android. I usually play on my Galaxy Tab S2. The loading times have definitely restricted me. My top score is about 525. This is despite playing with level 24 characters, some with 3 pink stars, and all with legendary gear that is fully upgra…
  • I'm way out of date to respond here but I think this would be an awesome addition to the game. I confess that I am impatient and will spend real money to upgrade my gear. Others in my Guild choose not to spend nd will happily wait until they have ac…
  • Thanks for your views, Pandreq. I don't think that it would stop people spending. There will always be players who will pay to stay at the cutting edge. This suggestion is for people, like yourself, who choose not to pay. It would be reasonable to …
  • What is RSL?
  • Thanks TJS... I hadn't realised that before.
  • Agree 100%... extremely annoying and bloody cheeky.
  • I have to agree... very annoying
  • I've done that, SPC_TORRES... but thank you for replying anyway
  • My Samsung S2 tablet crashes after every mission ☹
    in Update Comment by Callas October 2018
  • Hi Mack..I play on a Galaxy Tab S2. I used to have occasional reconnect issues. Having said that, it was really bad one night so I restarted my modem and the device. That fixed things for me, and I haven't had a problem since. Hopefully it might wor…