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  • I hadn't been having any problems with burning walkers until this challenge. Like others, it was Through the Wire. Burn a bunch of dead pricks and the game would crash. Restart the app, get maybe a turn in, and the game would crash again. Rinse, repeat. On the plus side, I'm pretty sure that was the only map where I had…
  • Just waited 8 hours for this...... This is about as unawesome as it gets. That said, I for one greatly appreciate @Vane's reply above, and I am glad this is an issue that is (at least seemingly) at the forefront. I hope we resolve this issue sooner rather than later. The update booster helped big time this week, but…
  • I have to chime in here and echo several of the sentiments others have posted. In the spirit of transparency, I am not f2p - I'm not a huge spender, but I do spend money on the game. That being said, I also was an avid user of the hourly cinema ads, primarily for gas. Those of us who log in every hour or so to utilize…
  • @Killdozer187_ , how does yours say 950?? Mine says 900. Is that number (whether it's 900 or 950) the number we HAVE toward the 2600, or is it the number we NEED toward the 2600? One of us is missing something.....(memorial, maybe? I have it, do you @Killdozer187_ ?) Edited to include screenshot:
  • Only if they're dead. If they're dead, they didn't survive. ;)
  • I think @bladgier's question had a typo, and he meant action point, but just in case it wasn't a typo, I will ask what I thought he was asking (you follow all that? haha).... Ok, so a single survivor can only get the benefit of Maggie's LT once per turn - that has been answered (thanks @Vane). But does that once-per-turn…
  • Does anyone know if there is a limit to Maggie's LT? What I'm trying to get at is this.....Let's say Maggie shoots a L41 fatty, and regains an action point. If she shoots that same fatty, can she regain another action point, thereby attacking him 3 times? If so, can she continue shooting him until the LT does not kick in?…
  • Good thing we brought it to NG's attention - we wouldn't want TWO class bonuses in the same week. (insert self facepalm emoji).
  • Go DS2!!! Congrats to my fellow Stalkers!!!
  • Short, sweet, get what I need without audio. Hmmm...... Hey @Mystique, can you whip me up a new wife with these traits?
  • I seriously remember essentially nothing from the story. All I remember is the bad guy's name (Van Zandt, right?), and the fact that we don't know what happened to the baby. Quite frankly, I'd probably have forgotten about the baby if people didn't bring it up here all the time. I think it would be awesome if they'd let us…
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  • There ya go, brother - I gave you a sympathy LOL. :D
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  • @Bill_ZRT, get off your lazy ass and fix this guy's issue!! ASAP!
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  • It's Rosita's new and improved leader trait, "deadbeat dad." By simply being on the team, Rosita causes the threat counter to drop rapidly, as the walkers flee in fear that she is coming after them for child support. It actually works on freemen, too (they're nowhere to be found when you start a map that they are supposed…
  • This thread needs more bumping than a King's Landing brothel. EUGENE! EUGENE! EUGENE! Bring him on, please!!
  • If NG is looking to give us "delicious" heroes, I think Bob would be the logical choice for the next menu.
  • I've killed the walker equivalent of the population of San Francisco. Earthquakes ain't got nothing on Survivalist Rick and his crew >:)
  • Hells YES! Morgan and the mullet king are SOLID defenders! Last Box on the Highway - Morgan in lead, with Eugene and a punish bruiser.....booya! Many people know how important Morgan is, but Eugene is HIGHLY underrated. The reduction in crit hits is huge at higher levels. We could absolutely use some double-token love for…
  • Like @Tux77 and @Cronus, I have been experiencing this issue FAR more frequently since the update. It is many times every day, whereas before the update, it was maybe once a week tops. I think there is now a permanent fingerprint on my phone where the "reset identifier" button comes up in my settings. Not the biggest issue…
  • @Vane, I realize you have MUCH bigger fish to fry at the moment, but I have to ask (and feel free to put this on hold until those bigger fish have been fried - hopefully to a crisp - but please do come back and answer).....was that new picture on the wall in fact put into the game as a nod to our favorite resident rodent,…
  • For the love of all that is holy, how the hell do you guys keep screwing up round passes?? I stayed quiet during the last two screw ups and just rolled with it, but come on, this is the THIRD time in FOUR weeks!! I earned 14 round passes after the last challenge, started this one at Round 15, but apparently with 0 earned…
  • A well-deserved homage to the hippest rodent this side of Alexandria!!
  • Biggity badge me up, please! Muchas gracias!
  • I don't have a "main" reason for my TG hoarding (currently at about 285k), but part of it is definitely what @Krieg mentioned. When updates come out, you need new legendary weapons asap, and it's much easier to get them in the TG shop than in post mission crates. That said, I do spend a good amount of TG, too. I buy every…
  • Woohooo!!!! Congrats to all my awesome family members!! I joined DS a couple of months before the 2M mark, and knew I'd still be here for 3M - and 4M, and 5M, etc. You guys and gals are the best!! This calls for a big old......
  • @mack22 and @Dodkong, you guys have Chemo in your guild? Assuming it's the same Chemo, we were guildmates together for a long time (Carols Cookies) before I moved to Dead Stalkers. Tell him I said what's up!! (my in game name at the time was simply "Dan" - I changed it when I moved. You know, new beginnings and all ;) )
  • Please? Thanks! :)
  • Please? Thanks! :)
  • The gas booster is an absolute necessity in iight of the no RP's......again. However, the 2x XP and 5 second upgrades are kind of useless for end-gamers at this point. Hell, all my Distance fodder pawn survivors are at L25 after last week's X(P)stravanaganza. Not to mention the myriad of fully upgraded weapons that I never…
  • I guess I'm gonna have to go ahead and refer back to my post from last Wednesday, as it is just as apropos today. https://forums.nextgames.com/walkingdead/discussion/comment/368488/#Comment_368488 (For those who don't like links...):