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  • How the F did forget princess! 🤣 yes princess needs to be in it too. 
  • Money is a bit tight for me so will have to make do with those weapons poor relations 😅
Well thank you very much!! Has the two I wanted, however, now that we are getting a fire cripple weapon in GW I don’t really want the crossbow pistol. I also don’t want 250 reroll tokens 😂. Glad you didn’t offer this yesterday or I would have bought it 😉
  • I mean I wouldn’t say no to that, but that’s only because I didn’t buy the cripple flaming crossbow. If I had then they released your suggestion I’d be fuming 😉
  • I’m not sure that’s 100% accurate, pretty sure the walkers still move in their “usual” order. As in closest walkers move first. Be that herded with beta or with mask, however with mask you aren’t always herding the walkers closest to you so it’s more obvious. I’ve got a video of a tank moving before a herded walker which…
  • Or one with lucky daryls assault rifle, cripple fire crossbow pistol and cripple spear gun…. (Can anyone guess what 3 weapons I don’t have 😂)
  • Newest hero call: Mercer, yumiko, beth, Shane, Beta. Along with the long awaited announcement that they are going to boost beths numbers similar to mercer because #girlpower. I mean I’m not really sure why mercer gets upto 60% remaining health damage on every other (50%) shot and Beth gets 16% but only if you’ve killed…
  • It only didn’t explode the walkers on that bottom row, the weapon itself did explode others when you killed with it. Almost like that walkers were counted as adjacent. Very odd. 
  • @ChrisScorpio has asked me to post this short video.
  • Lol, was waiting for that comment, it just happened to be my next master map. Obviously at 67 up your going to struggle without some sort of rooting weapon because of the extra tanks. But even with those weapons but without yumiko those maps were almost impossible. So yes it’s the whole package but the weapons came first…
Ok, done I really do understand that the weapons make a massive difference but those weapons aren’t an issue if you take away the ability to fully charge an assault before their attack. That’s where the “problem” is. 
  • I disagree there is nothing wrong with SPY, and yes we have new weapons which help, but having a fully charged assault when they have started the turn not charged every turn is overpowered. Also people are missing the point that changing her could actually bring more range hero’s into play adding variation and enjoyment…
  • Yep! Also a great idea, have said new walkers are needed for a while to make things harder again. But then when NG do this there is such outcry I’m not surprised they don’t like doing it. Fast walkers were universally hated originally, then they changed them and they are still hated. Granted they are walkers which are the…
  • Completely agree @KhanhLe much more resource efficient to balance SPY. Although feel development time could be used to create more new maps and do some remixes of old ones but that’s for a different discussion. 
  • I really like this idea, it’s alpha for melee. Although pretty much guarentees being able to quick move with a bruiser after every hit. That may need to be changed slightly. Possibly keep it the same as alpha that if you do bodyshot you get to quick move. 
  • Each to their own, I personally liked being able to find a new or different way around the map and enjoyed seeing other people’s versions. I remember when people asked for advice on how to do a map and got 3 or 4 different answers. Now I’m not sure why people bother asking as the answer is always SPY. The game will get…
They haven’t spent on building range teams. Theyve spent on one range team that works in 99% of maps. And those range hero’s are all brilliant in their own right so it’s not like they will have lost out on anything if they buff yumiko and nerf SPY as per my idea above. 
Star bonus for non tool usage. Let’s put a positive spin on it 😀
  • I’m going offensive because I like seeing really big numbers. Also I’m not a fan of spending hours on a map just trying to poke my way through a massive stun wall. Yes sometimes you want a stun wall and for those maps I’ll use rufus or abe but with the various rooting weapons for hunters and assaults along with cripple…
  • Yes, this is what I’ve been saying for ages. But people are taking it the wrong way. I think that we should buff yumiko’s LT (yes that’s right not nerf it). To do this you add in “when a teammate attacks with firing squad they do x damage and y chance to gain a charge point. The Y value should be high. Such at 70% at level…
  • I’d give up stun resist for it, or better yet infused stun resist in the guild wars shop… 
  • Well that was the strategy, then NG tried to stop that by removing low level walkers when higher level ones spawned. So either they’ve figured something new or found a way around it already. 
  • Also with the morning stars target, which is guarenteed non bodyshot. 
  • So, new exploit or ridiculous tool usage? Only talking about 1st place here btw. 
  • Dog still cripples herded walkers. Wasn’t that meant to be fixed in the hot fix update? 
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  • I’ve got to say I’ve seen this reported before on line (guessing by you @PP1990) and I tested it on BBQ quite a few times and also never dodged/bodyshot/didn’t get stunned and have since always told people the same. Would be good to get an official response from @lexia on it though. 
  • No, the damage stacks rather than 2 retaliates. 
  • I can’t be bothered to go back and find the several threads you’ve started about them all and link them here but I’m sure you do know what I’m talking about 👍
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  • I honestly haven’t seen a positive post from you @Jacky2332, just constant critism of the game, not enough hero’s, guild wars is rubbish, swapping survivors takes too long (it does), needs a global chat… the list goes on. Is there anything from the game you do like? Maybe it’s not Bruce that needs to quit the game. 
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