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  • OP is referring to the bug where marked walkers cannot be set on fire. I tested it and it’s true - the bug still exists. 
  • LT still needs tweaking if not some major changes. It is still very difficult to get the walker you want marked, especially when you’re surrounded which is always the case in GW. I propose the following changes: - when a marked enemy dies, another one is immediately marked. There should always be marked walkers on the…
  • Someone in my guild got the winter bow with cripple in the BM today. Wonder what else was added?
  • I’m gonna have to go with the consensus here and say I’m not a fan of the new icons. You gotta wait for each icon to cycle through to see how many turns an enemy is stunned. Imagine having a whole screenful of walkers with multiple effects. 
  • The winter harpoon will be offered for free eventually in either GW shop or Black market. You just need to be patient. Just like the lucky decimator, I knew a free version would come around eventually, so I waited, and lo and behold they put it in the GW shop. I think NG has been very generous with allowing f2p players the…
  • If both Negans are marked, neither one should stun the other. My assault also got stunned. I also noticed that my Negan had the word ‘marked’ pop over his head, but had no mark symbol. 
  • Does marking happen at the start of both your turn and the enemies turn? Appears I got stunned by marked bruisers, or is it a visual glitch with the marks? Edit: On this one, enemy’s Carl starts off not marked, and then on the enemies turn, he becomes marked and is able to set my Negan on fire.…
  • Zbot, yes I still believe that marked humans wielding weapons that can cause status effects should not be able to inflict those effects. That includes weapons with incendiary, rooting, crippling, stun by push. Once a survivor equips a weapon or amor, all those equipment traits become part of that survivor’s total set of…
  • Doesn’t seem to work all the time. Here Rick got stunned by a marked tank. Happened a couple other times too.
  • So marked human enemies with incendiary weapons can still inflict burning effect? To me that shouldn’t happen because I consider that “directly inflicted by the enemy” (or do weapon traits not count?). Stuns by critical aim should definitely not happen, IMO. I can understand goo explosion stuns since that is caused by the…
  • @Fluxxx does Negan’s LT work to prevent all status effects dealt by human enemies in PvP? Like root, cripple, fire by incendiary weapons, stun by push mechanic, stun by critical aim trait, assault and bruiser charge attacks, etc?
  • I understand the sentiment. I also feel the same way about princess. But NG is going to add new heros as they see fit and there's going to be players who love it and those who hate it. Personally I think they should slow it down with the new heros and focus on reworking more of the older ones. Now if they could add a way…
  • There’s an option to turn off notifications for the black market in the settings.
  • Thanks @SJC, number 2 is my favorite also. It would be a really unique leader trait and would be awesome in guild wars. I like the idea of regular attacks also having a chance to stun. 
  • Just a hunch, but I think this year is the year of the Negan and he will be buffed or get a new LT. I like your first suggestion best out of the three. My suggestions would be: 1. Less body shots and chance to gain a charge point if bodyshotting. 2. Charge attacks stun ALL walker types including tanks, goos and spikes. 3.…
  • They need to redo Shane as well. Most of the characters look good, but Jerry and Shane look super rushed and low-effort.
  • Nobody’s mentioned Lydia? She already has a modified staff that’s an obvious bruiser weapon.
  • Totally agree. Please please please make Negan the best bruiser in the game. He works great in my outpost but I would really love to use him on playable missions as leader. Tell me this is being worked on, NG. Edit: I've heard @Fluxxx say in an interview that he thinks Negan should be the best bruiser, so it's definitely…
  • Ever since the first Call to Arms event back in March, I’ve been diligently saving my gold in anticipation for the next Call to Arms. 6 months later, here it is and I’m ready. I don’t usually buy weapon bundles, so this is a fantastic opportunity to get special weapons for free. Thank you, NG!
  • How about this for Negan? X% less body shots, and if your attack results in a body shot, Y% chance to gain a charge point. And, Negan's charge attacks can stun tanks, spiked and goo walkers.
  • Thank you for this event, NG! My gold hoarding habit has paid off! I really appreciate the opportunity to get these special weapons for free. Hopefully this is not the last time we see this event.
  • I don’t think it has to do with the number of wins. Out of the last 9 battles my guild has played, we lost 8 of them since we keep getting matched with these much stronger guilds. Yesterday we played against a guild that’s on the global leaderboard. We didn’t stand a chance. My guild is made up of mostly lvl 72 - lvl 74…
  • My guild member put in a ticket and NG compensated him with RP for the missions he replayed.
  • My guild is having the same problem with being matched with guilds of much higher rank. Four days in a row we’ve been vastly outmatched. My guild does 21K-22K per challenge, nowhere near being on the US leaderboard, but twice this war we’ve been matched with guilds on the US leaderboard that make 31K. NG, please tell us…
  • Thanks @Billbam. I'd rather the teams be equally matched in size, but I guess this makes things interesting. :#
  • So if we have 3 players, will we be matched with a guild with also 3 players? Or will it be 3 vs 5?
  • I spent 325 radio on 13 calls. Got 32 nine times, 128 twice, 256 once = 800 total. That’s an average of 61.5 tokens per call, or 2.46 tokens per radio. That’s on par or better than most double calls for me personally. I’m happy.
  • Some of the regular survivors are ugly enough to look like walkers already. I’d like the option to reroll their appearance, keeping their traits. I’d rather spend gold on that than on outfits.