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  • I just hope it is still being worked on...cause it is not a one off issue. It happens several times a day...where the same person...or same few keep occuring. Now i didnt really mind it when i hit some poor sod 4x in a row for 500+ TG's. But that never happened prior to 2.5.
  • That is what i thought. There were 2 bruisers and one hunter. Hunter and bruiser up top...and a bruiser down below. Killed him. I was about 4 spaces away from the opening, and the other bruiser stunned my hunter who opened the gate. I expected that...then their hunter shot my scoutand i was subsequently stunned...and i…
  • What a waste of time. Got 1 gold jackpot when it first started...and thats it. A few silvers...have earned almost 3 mil exp tho. Pffft. Youd figure after last week...a bit of a better win % would be in order.
    in Jackpot! Comment by Jaraxle March 2017
  • Its seen when i select the radio tent and hit info. Ive not actually used the calls since the upgrade except the free calls
  • I have no change in training cost between people...but a change in overall cost...going from 16 to 17. Yesterday it was 473k for 5*...today...everyone is 533k.
  • Lol...here im thinking you are getting so many Legendaries that you are freely dumping them. i might start upgrading my 4*s...not sure yet.
    in game sucks Comment by Jaraxle March 2017
  • That is probably my best alternative...just make 5* survivors by upgrading my 4* ones.
    in game sucks Comment by Jaraxle March 2017
  • I dont have Carl, Carol, Dwight or Ezekiel. Though i only need 4 more tokens for Dwight.
    in game sucks Comment by Jaraxle March 2017
  • Kept? 1'm Survivor level 16, town level 44. I have 3 leg survivors. Total. I was a bit into the game before i knew the basics...and only used the 10 calls, but it served me fairly well. I would usually get only 10 tokens...every other pull or so. Every 4 or 5 pulls (40 or 50 phones)...i would get a 128 pull...this is how i…
    in game sucks Comment by Jaraxle March 2017
  • I am at ~ 1500 radios used since i have kept track... No legendary survivors. I get some hero tokens...usually 32...every 60-75 radios. Only once...in all the radios used, was the hero token more than 32. Starting to really hate the game because of it. Tired of seeing endless 5* survivors in the outposts.
    in game sucks Comment by Jaraxle March 2017