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  • The trait list is relatively simplistic so as to not overwhelm people with information. I would recommend people read the "Advanced guide" to really understand the WHY behind the traits and what to try to maximize when building characters.
  • I thought I posted here already, but it seems as though I haven't! This has been the description for Mavericks OG for a few weeks now:
  • Damn. Looking at my own stats, I guess I’m very agreeable but not quite as awesome :disappointed:
  • More stars = more fun!
  • Sasha is only the best hero in the game... just saying...
  • Trust me, I'd rather reroll or invest more in my terrible heroes than have to invest a ton of tokens on new heroes. Of the list presented in the original post (Ezekiel, Carol, Rosita, Gabe, Negan, Shooter Daryl, Aaron, and Jerry)... * Carol is…
  • I suspect the two week break has to do with the Girl Power event, which is currently scheduled to take place during the GW mid-season break. I do agree that I prefer a 3-4 week break.
  • Several posts and diagrams updated!
  • It’s not related to threat reduction. Most players in Sanctuary don’t use it. Video below with the non-glitched Silent Harpoon. It’s just crappy coding that has been reported in the past but not looked at. I’ll try to find more videos where this hap…
  • I remember when @Jenng was more active on the forums. That’s what you mean by fun, right?
  • Here are my thoughts. As always, my thoughts are my own and doesn’t reflect that of my guild. Same with posts from my guildmates, they represent themselves but not our guild as a whole. 1. Like @Karajoca said, whatever changes, the best teams will …
  • +1. This is absolutely unacceptable. The game straight up lying about how many walkers come out so drastically alters strategies and positioning.
  • That's not remotely true. In my guild, we have players coaching other players through maps when they are in tough spots. I've heard GK Crew A gets on a Discord call and watches each other play/gives advice. SektorPriz told me that the former Re…
  • A lot of interesting discussion here. For me, I've only played in 4 different guilds in the 5+ years that I've played this game. Each time I left one of my guilds, it was to move up to a more competitive guild that better matched my playstyle at the…
  • I actually only have about 600k, partially from buying survivor tokens and partially from wasting it on things I don't want like gear crates because I don't know what else I'd use it for. I would certainly use it on a primo weapon (although, f…
  • All good suggestions, including 7.
  • Yes, and while we're at it, please remove Accurate, Bulletproof, Training Gear, Piercing from any ranged Hunter or Assault weapon, Ruthless from any Bruiser armor, Dwight, Jerry, Ezekiel, Trade Goods from bundles, Bruiser weapons with no arc, etc.
  • Offensive like Rick. It’s how all the end gamers have him.
  • This sounds awesome. Good luck to the ladies participating! @Fluxxx if this event will take place the challenge week of March 8, I recommend the following GWs schedule: January 4: GW week 1 January 11: GW week 2 January 18: GW mid-season break Jan…
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  • Guild Wars is the only game mode that keeps me invested in this game. If it were only challenge every week, I’d be gone. Challenge is a joke these days.
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  • This isn't an argument about P2P vs. F2P so please don't turn it into an argument about money. This is an argument about what is a reasonable way for the challenge to function and how to allow it to better distinguish between top players. The p…
  • That is not what I was responding to. I was addressing the entitled people complaining about XP to upgrade a second Harpoon.
  • What has changed? Harpoon Gun Decimator Kingdom Shield Shotgun weapons A LOT of other new gear, a lot of which is available to all players in the season campaigns. Shane's leader trait Beta's leader trait PGG trait rework All 5 new tools A L…
  • 10 million XP can be accumulated in like a day or two of challenge play... come on guys. Be happy that we got a free harpoon (that only kind of works) and move on. Things must be good in the game right now, because people seem to not have enough to …
  • Snarky comment aside, here’s what I would suggest: I really like @WellyLuga’s suggestion of adding an extra star for playing tool-free. It would definitely help distinguish skill a bit more. Tools have made some previously near-impossible missions …
  • Sorry, I’ll stop posting videos and helping people out. Didn’t realize that sharing strategies was such a toxic detriment to the game 🤷🏻‍♂️
  • @Crocodile retired from maintaining the spreadsheet, but the lovely @ChrisScorpio will continue it. Thank you @ChrisScorpio!
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  • All of the Super Nightmare missions teams were figured out and shared by members of the community. Busta and other great members of the community posted videos in Line chats that I’m pretty sure you’re in. Bloody doesn’t share his strategies p…
  • Back to the using pawn survivors strategies and needing to plan ahead. Distance is fun again! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YU2XX1ZSano&list=PLxDinRknq_GhLI-e1FWYVSHSR3TT1H6kP
  • @WellyLuga my biggest concern is the human scouts were dead. Those guys usually buy you 3-4 extra turns, and I could see it getting real messy without them as a buffer at the beginning. Trust me, I didn’t wanna lob the nades either 😂