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If it only say boosted damage by say 5% or increased fire Damage by 5% or something along those lines, (% are just example ) and only for distance and personal challenge, it could mean the difference between completing nightmare mode etc or not, it could also be scaled like for example 50,000 TG's =1 % up to max 5% or…
Yes it has hurt the little guy, but its an even playing field. the "little guy" can live with that, what we are talking about here is a loophole being exploited and the excuse for said loophole being used is absolute Bullshit. everyone knows the old map wont come back, (which I preferred) but the new map does have its…
Nine Signs and Symptoms of Narcissism Symptoms – called core features – of narcissistic personality disorder (narcissism) include: * Grandiosity* Exaggerated sense of self-importance * Feeling superior to others and that one deserves special treatment * Feelings are often accompanied by fantasies of unlimited success,…
  • Make no mistake, this was a dick move by elitists to not only screw the little guy but also to fuel their insignificant ego's, Instead of discussing this in various open social media platforms, they chose to do this as stealthily as possible. I agree they could have been using more imaginative guild names to highlight…
  • next games servers were down yesterday 
thanks :smile: was waiting on the event so I could buy/use the booster and get 4x xp :wink: your videos are really helpful also, love the commentary :) 
  • tools should be limited. gaming is an addiction just like gambling etc, there needs to be a limit imposed to curtail the temptation to spend too much, weather on usage or purchases. but I suspect for NG cash is king.
  • Such fowl language @croodile I am assuming your reply was aimed at @atlas as I suggested it was a loophole ? @SJC I don't know why you think I am embarrassing myself, you are the one being very condescending towards a fellow player here. this is a public forum where as you posted your comment in here, is open to others to…
  • indeed it is a strategy, and I agree not all guilds would know about it, just like the the weekly challenge, there are some maps that are made much easier by certain leader traits and positioning etc, point I was trying to make was as piling wasn't really intended ( or at least we don't think it was) piling all 8 of your…
  • game probably wasn't designed for piling, so in the end if you exploit a loophole then you get what you deserve 
  • go play walking dead no mans land much bigger community on there 
    in What’s next? Comment by Kurgan March 5
  • lost my game as well, not surprised the game is ending, stranger things and bladerunner games coming out soon, no feedback whatsoever from next games on this forum or tickets, pretty poor show tbh.
  • they are planning stranger things and blade runner games while abandoning their compass point west game it seems 
  • can see this game getting pulled, with the upcoming stranger things and blade runner games, most of there resources will go to them, you just need to look at the lack of feedback on this forum and in game tickets, you just need to look at there home page to see the future of the company.
  • they did say there should be an update after every GW cycle so i guess it will go soon 
  • jeez i guess no one cares, cant believe no feedback over a week ago, not going to get anymore of my time.