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  • Adding quickly here that we did take a look at the details of the event and did not find anything being off :smile:
    in Jackpot event Comment by Lexia 2:19PM
  • Apologies for the delay 🙏 The first video does seem off to be honest. Did they just before those attacks spawn @Burmeliinis or what was the setup? The second video seems all fine otherwise but indeed a bit unclear on why the second Walker (next to Eugene) didn't attack. Potentially the Punish attack (and stun) got…
  • @Skywithin Thank you for sharing. Will try to take a closer look together with the team :smile:
  • Voting time has officially ended, and we have our three winners of the Father's Day meme competition! 🙌 🥳 Huge congratulations go to: 1. @Firekid for 'An 'armless dad joke' 2. @FuriousMoldovan for 'Two in one dad joke' 3. @aMirror4nerds for 'A dads favourite restaurant' Please reach out to your friendly community manager…
  • @Heartlessknave Make sure you are on the most recent version of the game, as we had some fixes for ads in an earlier update. Otherwise, we have not seen any issues with ads, so most likely it's regional variances that unfortunately we can't affect (as it's something on the ad providers side and what is offered in which…
  • @HellJesus_ Unfortunately we are still not seeing anything wrong on our end, so I think it's better if you reach out to support with more detailed information so they can take a closer look at your account and logs
  • Zbot's recommendation was for if you were on an old version of the game :smile: To reach out to support go to your game, open Settings and tap on 'Help'. You can also use this link: https://nextgames.helpshift.com/hc/en/4-the-walking-dead-no-man-s-land/contact-us/
  • Thank you @ATLAS-Z for replying about some of the jokes, and about me liking raunchy and dumb humor, you are not far off :smiley: Dad jokes and wordplay, that is definitely the thing that works well in these Rick & Carl memes 👌
  • Make sure you are also on the most recent version of the game, as one of the most recent ones had a fix for the slightly broken Support menu. If you are still having issues, please reach out to support for a closer look :smile:
  • If you had unclaimed rewards in the Survival Pass reward path, and it was not possible to add them to your inventory, then the unclaimed tokens will be converted to gold. Unused tokens will not get converted to gold. Please reach out to support if there is anything you are wondering about you rewards, as they have better…
    in Survival pass Comment by Lexia June 20
  • @HellJesus_ We are not seeing any issues in the LS game mode - would you mind sharing a bit more information on what the exact issue is that you are experiencing?
  • Thank you all for your joyous submissions! Finalists have been picked, and now it's time for you to vote on your favourite! Voting is open until Friday 24.6. 12PM UTC, found here: https://forums.nextgames.com/walkingdead/discussion/50412/fathers-day-forum-competition-voting Voting has ended and winners have been announced…
We've actually decided to change this so it's more coherent with other refresh times in the game, so starting today with the new season it should be refreshed every day at 12PM UTC 🙂 
Post it here ;) https://forums.nextgames.com/walkingdead/discussion/50311/crimson-road-check-in-thread#latest
    in Survival pass Comment by Lexia June 20
  • Keep in mind that offers constantly change and we also try new things now and then, but the offer for 30 gas should be back later today :smile:
  • In this case since it's a survey with information provided for that purpose, we won't share information about the winners here on the Forum. Rewards will be sent to the lucky winners directly, and will be shown in-game upon game start :smile: Big thank you from me to everyone who filled in the survey. I think @Teeceezy…
  • An example for some inspiration:
  • There did seem to be a bit of a glitch in the rewards for about an hour yesterday. We will check those that played LS Expert mode during that time to check that they get compensated for the played runs :smile:
  • Please reach out to support so they can have a closer look at your account and logs :smile:
  • From our community AMayA :smile: https://forums.nextgames.com/walkingdead/discussion/comment/455840#Comment_455840
    in Crafting update Comment by Lexia June 13
  • Already commented here :smile: https://forums.nextgames.com/walkingdead/discussion/comment/456746#Comment_456746
    in Survival pass Comment by Lexia June 13
  • @IrishNudist Unfortunately an 'Open all' option for guild gifts will most likely not happen, as the logic is not quite straight forward and thus quite complicated to even look into changing. We do have it noted from before as a suggestion though :smile:
  • Will look into it
  • So far it's been identified to only happen when Guardian Carol is in red health. We have also not received many (if any) reports of this matter in a while, so at the moment it is very likely to be looked into a bit later due to other more pressing matters. Do you have some more insights on this that we might not be aware…
  • Good to hear, and most issues, if possible to recognize and fix, will require an update to be in the game
  • The Bonus Chests are indeed only for the Premium Pass holders. We will look into ways to further improve the visualization and minimizing potential misunderstandings on the matter :smile:
  • We are aware of this and will be looking into improving it :smile:
  • They get sent to your inventory, whatever resource it may be. Unfortunately not all have in-game visualisations, but when checking the relevant inventory, you should see the change there. Eg. if you were at 0 attack after using 18, support sent you 2, then you can go back to GW and see you now have 2 attack again to use.…