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  • Same map. The Walker that Sasha is struggling with actually attacked Zeke on the walkers turn. Zeke pushed him to the current location, and I guess the logic to determine the closest target to attack at this point didn't account for the fence. Reported in game with the same details. I can't explain cyphr's glitch the same…
They do though. NG coded the game, so they are technically the ones in control, and they can change the crafting mechanisms (evidently they just did). The map is not the same as the crafting mechanisms. It's a community effort to represent the mechanisms for players to use. NG never published, guaranteed, or supported…
  • Nice work. NatsuDark posted this info (for the special weapons) on Discord a long time ago. See the pinned post in #item-shop or below. Probably the same info you already have. The 750 gold and 3750 coins other ones are just a waste of resources unless you want to collect every weapons (even ones you would never use in…
  • That lists starts really strong.

Yeah. It's the same for a lot of heroes, for example Ezekiel like ZXer said. But also T-Dog and Beta. What matters with their LTs is just having it. Don't need to update it. Of course their other traits might still benefit from a few upgrades. Especially melee heroes. I started using her as soon as she could be…
No, but they released exclusively strong new heroes lately. They're all top tier. Hershel is definitely among the top 3 hunters (I would say second) and Tyreese is definitely the second best warrior (and I use two warriors a lot, so it'll help me a ton). It's in NG's interest to release good heroes because they want…
  • @BenjaminT I'm just disappointed that people use this once in a year exotic ice cream stand that offers you brand new exclusive flavors, and in the end people orders the same vanilla flavor they had yesterday and can get from the regular ice cream stand around the corner. Vanilla (SPMY) is currently 2-3 as popular as the…
  • Firekid (and ZX, sorry I didn't read your post before making mine) have a good point. This reminds me of concerts where the artists takes fan requests and the fans request the set list the artist plays every time, because they only know the most popular songs and want the same vanilla experience as every other concert.…
It's not like this one though :love:
  • This bug also affects season mission 9A-5 "On a Pale Horse" (the one w Scout Rick). It's even slower than Distance.
  • The season Mission 9A-5 "On a Pale Horse" w Scout Rick is even slower than Distance.
  • Nice writeup :+1: 

You mean "Reinforce" here probably. It's good to have some weapon traits activated. 

Might be good to explain that this has to do with character levels so people aren't waiting for no reason?
That sounds very good. Thank you for making the right call 🙂 Can you clarify on the RP earned? That goes away too? Even if I use it to claim stuff?
 Chinese phones do that for you. If you switch away from the game just for a second to check a message in the guild Line/Discord chat they clear it from memory. Even the alarm app kills the game. I agree with your take that some guilds are willingly abusive this, but it's pointless to punish. The game is broken and…
  • Don't put this on the players. It's NG's fault. Although it's honorable that some guilds have chosen not to use extra swords, that doesn't mean the other guilds are all intentionally cheating (like you said). There's a count on how many swords you have in the game, just like there's a count on gas, red gas, tools, tomatoes…
  • Thank you @zbot :+1: I edited the title to say it's fixed, but if you want you can close this also :)
The one they already gave us without extra range is much better in general though, unless you need that range (which you mostly don't). And the ranged sniper rifle with incendiary and crippling doesn't exist. It's joke/fake someone photoshopped for laughs. So I don't think free to play players are really missing much.
  • I would be very surprised if the coming GW store didn't have the MS with the original traits. Maybe even infused with lucky, because it kinda of lost it's value with the release of the new variant.
This is not true. Being "level 78" has no significance. The only thing that matters is the mission difficulty. It's the same for everyone, except for those missions that adapt to the player character levels. In this case the healing time is lower for new players, so it's the opposite of what you say. The only…
  • This is a brave post, but maybe not the most productive way to get what you want. I also disagree with the moderation policies. It's been sad to see, but I am fairly sure NG is the ones setting his directives, and Lexia has also been moderating in the same way.
  • This is a big one, and I understand if it's not something you can fit the development budget easily, or if it would add too big storage costs, but I think it would have many benefits: Replays Automatically "record" missions so we can share them. I don't mean huge video files, but a type of macro format that stores how the…
It's not like changing him one way or the other would bring him off the bench on a normal week.
  • Yeah. Drop rates and pictures don't match. Didn't make any calls, but came to report this.
  • If we could only change history, give Beth Daryl's LT, but name it "Running with Scissors".
  • I felt the same way, so I switched to SPY.
  • "Programming is like sex. One mistake and you have to support it for the rest of your life." ...or we let them fix the bug(s) and hope they add something else to bring more variation. It was fun while it lasted, but the decision to fix him has already been made.
  • This is awesome! I'm not in a guild likely to be affected, but this will make the leaderboard much more relevant and fair, which is good for all of us. I was the one to warn against the potential this would be abused, but I think these cases will be very rare and certainly less problematic than the issue you solved by…