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  • Thanks guys, that's awesome! I know what my next equipment upgrade is now, lol.
  • Nope. That's waaaaaaaaaay too many new heores. Do you like upgrading your heroes? Because once we get that many it will pretty much never happen, except for Daryl. There are ALWAYS Daryl tokens, lol.
  • Why not both?
  • Every update...
  • Daryl for a while now, and I just got Glenn yesterday. Tara is my next closest, but I still need about 150 for her.
  • I can think of 2 highlights right now.., 1) Back when I was one of the winners of the Christmas writing competition for my story about the fat Santa walker. I enjoyed writing it and the Small Radio Bundle was an awesome prize! 2) The week I finished first in my guild, which was also a personal best. It was just a few weeks…
  • Stu!!! But seriously, that sucks.
  • I can vouch for @Akartiki 100%. Happened to me this morning. Grenade walker came from around the corner, unbeknownst to me. Hits my survivor, triggers revenge... KA-BOOM! Instant bruise, lol.
  • @Captainslayer @paintbeast Maybe for challenge stars, but that's not what I said. Go read my post again before you correct me. We have always had the temporary disadvantage after leveling up survivors. You all are specifically complaining about the challenge (and rightly so), but it also affects scavenge missions and…
  • I will start by saying that yes, it is weird how the game becomes more difficult immediately following a survivor upgrade. But this seems to be another case where max-level players have forgotten how this game goes. It has been the same for literally EVERY PREVIOUS LEVEL (except maybe 1 --> 2). We are always penalized in…
  • I've never spent a dime on this game, mostly because I'm broke, lol. In the past I would've considered spending a little here or there. But the last couple updates have solidified my position to never spend anything here.
  • I got 6 levels above me once, a while back. But no screenshot. :-(
  • Are we ignoring the fact that @Steeboon has Carl unlocked? The unicorn is real my friends!
  • @TheLostOnes no blood, no foul.
  • Everything in this game is ridiculously scarce. There is no part of this game that comes easily and let's you breath that sigh of relief. I don't mind a grind, because we don't want to finish the game in a week, but dammit NG give us something. Just be nice and give us one little thing without clutching your wallet. This…
  • Wow. I couldn't even finish the first one. That was awful. @Poppy is right about not knowing the customer base. I thought this was a game for adults. That video looks more directed at teenagers/millenials. But either way, just not good.
  • If no one is stealing the influence, then it doesn't matter. I wouldn't care if someone raided me 30 times in a row as long as they leave peacefully. I'd imagine if people were really getting killed on outpost defence, they'd be here complaining. For now, let's hope most of us are enjoying free TGs. I'm hit or miss on…
  • That being said, especially the way the game has changed since then, I doubt it will ever happen. They have shown repeatedly in this update alone that they don't want us to enjoy the game anymore, they just want us to pay. Hospital time, retirement tokens, radio drops, etc. all show a pattern of reducing the aspects of the…
  • I had suggested the idea of a re-roll months ago in the Suggestions forum. My thought was that with each promotion, you could instead use that amount of tokens and reroll a trait of your choosing. For example, if you have an Epic that you're about to promote, you could instead spend those 250 tokens to reroll 1 trait you…
  • I'm having the same problem. I was generally drawing 2 guys. The first gives me 499 TGs, but he blocks and I can't get them without decent injury. I draw this guy 90% of the time. The other guy is a free shot at 378 TGs. So if I don't want to fight the jackass blocker, I search again. And again. And again. I've seen him…
  • I had to do that with several people from our previous guild. Come join us! Lol But yeah, it sucks.
  • @coral I'm having the same issue with raids. It keeps cycling through the same 3 people. 2 of them have around 500 TGs, but they are jerks who block them. I can't get them without decent injuries. The third only has 378 TGs, but they're free to take. It just takes several tries to find him most of the time. Very…
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  • I'd take the shooter. Daryl tokens are everywhere. But a shooter with ruthless would be a beast! I already grabbed a hunter with revenge that I can't wait to try.
  • @GrimGael If it pleases the crown.....
  • I made 10 Platinum calls earlier. I only got straight 32s twice. No legendary, but plenty of epic. It's pretty decent odds for something useful, which is good considering the price. But I can see how it's not for everybody.
  • My very first call was 128 Rufus tokens. Smh..... others went okay. Almost got Glenn to legendary and almost got Dwight to epic. Also got an epic Hunter with Revenge and other good traits. Not too shabby, but not amazing. I like them.
  • Guys... Guys... settle down. This is their solution to hero token dilution. Now we can buy more whenever we want! It doesn't matter that it's absurdly expensive. We should be grateful that it's not 50 gold for the first tokens. Now bend down and kiss the NG ring.
  • If you don't mind a rifle without Wide Bore, it's pretty good. Obviously, the legendary is good, too. Worst case, it's a decent place to store some extra XP.
  • @David_H79 I'm not greedy. :tongue: