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  • Player level directly relates to how good your drops are on TG based pulls and ad-viewing pulls, so yeah you want to upgrade your Player Level as fast as you can with your survivors so you get appropriate level gear. Here's a blog post that explains quite a bit. So you want to get to PL 49 so you at least have a chance at…
  • Jill looks the best of this group, but you want someone with luck and dodge bullets too eventually. -W
  • 29,000,000,001 or 29 Billion + 1, ala "The Price is Right" style bidding...hope I didn't go over! -W
  • too early to worry about it. I'd level both the epics but not spend tokens to upgrade. Look for one that has better traits later. -W
  • Epic armor if I was forced to. Dodge would be the make or break of an armor to upgrade. That said, I do agree that I would wait and not spend XP on a level 19 epic gear. -W
  • Only 15 here too. 1 radio call may still be worth it if you need tokens for all classes. -W
  • 1. Best buy from gold is to increase survivor space initially, second best buy is to refill gas to do more runs. After that it's up to you. 2. Best use of radio is during events. 15 calls still seem to be the best use, the specialty 10 ones that offered every so often don't seem to be as good of a bargain. Focus on…
  • The box rolls are done when you start the mission. People were exploiting it and disconnecting to get better rolls, so NG fixed it. No more post-rolls, all boxes are pre-rolled. The only choice you have is whether you watch the ad or spend gold to open more boxes. -W
  • Disconnects are a part of mobile life. NG should do a better job of handling a common networking problem. This is not simply fixed by dollars in device, this is provider and location and Cell tower density (mobile devices connected to certain towers). Can you imagine that tower trying to handle millions of Pokemon Go…
  • @GreySeer For Assaults, the preferred attributes are Luck, Dodge, Bullet Dodge. After that it depends on what you are after. But Sure Shot is another decent option, as is Marksman. Not sure if there is a clear preference beyond that, but those are the ones I know about. -W
  • Everything is a nerf or a buff, to claim nerf is a simple argument, but not a complete picture. To be fair to NG, we as a community wanted a way to stop the auto-clicker farmers and other cheats. So the 100 normal walker XP cap + 1 XP per walker after 100 makes perfect sense and not something I feel is a true loss. On the…
  • I won't spend any radios for hero tokens, I'd rather keep on doing calls for Legendaries. The hero token system is crazy and they should merge all hero tokens into one big bucket and then we can choose which hero's we want. Otherwise I'm quite happy ignoring that hero's exist.
  • so what was the final count?
  • @blynknz Sure, understood, but when is anyone seriously looking at short term only if they are asking this question in a strategy discussion? Strategy by definition should be a longer play, not just what works now. Again, just an opinion, not saying this strat is for everyone, just my 2 cents. :smile: -W
  • I think one of the differences may be if you built the Memorial before they removed it. It's funny that BP is not the same for a specific building for a specific level... -W
  • @Ovidmikel I know that I'm slightly under leveled on farm plots, but I didn't feel that my drops were all that much worse. Plus I'm saving all my challenge TG awards for when I hit PL 52+. I don't care about weapons 12-17 honestly. I will pick one or two rare's that have the perfect attributes to level, but survivor levels…
  • Gold uses: #1) Survivor slots (now max) #2) Gas #3) The occasional moment when I have a gold and 2 silvers unopened after a mission and only 3 boxes left... #4) guild gift when I disappear for a little bit and they bring me lots of goodies while I was away. #5) hoard for a rainy day (when 2xp and unlimited gas is available…
  • Knife would be my preference, as I like Overwatch as a slow and steady team. Your team may be more aggressive and may get more use out of the hammer. So you'll have to see how it matches the rest of your team. -W
  • Personally I think leveling past 7 for farms is a poor idea. A lot of people upgrade thinking it nets them more faster, but that's only true after the payback. Here's an example Going from farm level 7 to level 8 will net you +400 more tomatoes per hour at a cost of 430k. If you divide that out. 430,000/400 = 1075 hours =…