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  • I am anticipating a lucky scout armor at some point in the future. Also, don’t want the pendulum to swing too far and make his leader trait overpowered since all members of the team inherit the trait. We have triple lucky now. With Gabriel in the lead, quadruple lucky?
  • I imagined that if someone with Beta’s power dies and is turned, he would retain some of his ability to control the rest of the herd. Also, we have players asking for guild war difficulty to be increased and complaints of too many ties in Challenges. Maybe the juggernaut can be first introduced for islands 19 and 20 and…
  • I purposely left the Dodge part of Gabriel’s trait intact because a lot of players have built him defensively and I wanted to preserve that. 
  • Speaking of music video, I think it’d be cool if they pay homage to Michael Jackson and make the juggernaut look like him in Thriller (red leather outfit with the black V stripe) where the shambling zombies all group up and dance in synch with him as he strolls by. :)
  • I am hoping that something like this will make melee heroes viable against higher level enemies since it reduces the amount of overall damage that must be inflicted on the enemy. Range units have the luxury of staying out of reach and chip away at the enemy’s heath. Melee heroes can’t do that as well as ranged heroes. 
  • I play on 2 different iPads both on iPadIOS 15.1 and one of them is an iPad Pro 11 3rd generation purchased this year. The game crashes periodically since the anniversary update on both iPads. I barely have anything on my new iPad and it’s none of the conditions listed above. Before the update, the game did not crash on…
Haven’t seen this movie. Will look it up. With last week’s Challenge map Blind Spot where I spent 20-30 minutes working my way towards the exit only to have a new spawn block one of my survivor’s exit, I wished that I could charge my way past a bunch of zombies. Then the idea of this tool came to me. I thought it…
This would be amazing. 
  • Please offer the Morningstar in the guild war shop next season. This weapon was released late 2020 and there hasn’t been a good warrior weapon for players who missed this one. The Obsidian Ripper is nowhere close to what the Morningstar is capable of. If not, please offer a warrior weapon at the same caliber of utility as…
  • Here is a quick and simple solution. Increment each player’s score that is 4878 or higher by 1 every time another player reaches 4878. So, first player gets 4878. Second player reaches 4878, the first player’s score increments to 4879. Third player reaches 4878, the first player’s score is increased to 4880 and the second…
  • Why not just incorporate support into the tools menu so that any hero can use any support inside the mission? It would also remove those buttons so that they’re not so close to the charge attack button where it’s easy to misclick and also obscure part of the map. Cancelling should also work like tools with a cancel button.…
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  • Currently, each player can put a single tiny icon on a sector and it’s really not very visible. I am talking about highlighting or marking all sectors that the team should attack for the day. Guild leaders, co-leaders, and elders need to be able to highlight sectors even when they are not participating in guild war on that…
It’s an ok workaround but in the meantime, the player is locked out of all other game modes. It is just not optimal and there are better solutions. Time was spent to develop the free unlock feature that players have been asking for. Just move it where players would find it most useful. 
  • It’s a little different than SRick but similar. Instead of passing charges on a charge attack, the team is now harvesting kills/charge points for each other. It’s potentially more powerful but on non-kills, the charge point is not guaranteed. This idea is to address 2 issues: improve Ezekiel’s leader trait to make him…
  • @Lexia & NG developers, thanks for adding the unlock timer for the post-mission extra rewards. This is a good quality of life improvement. To make it even better, please move the timer to the main mission screen so that we know when the extra unlocks are available before spending gas on a mission. Additionally, I suggest…
  • Is the inability to herd a crippled walker a feature or a bug? Didn’t see it in the release notes for the Anniversary update. 
  • It would be useful if Beth’s LT would create a zone where walkers in it or walking into it will be rooted as long as the ring lasts. Combined with Rosita’s new leader trait, Beth can run in, perform a charged attack to create the ring and then run out again. The ability to create an obstacle will make Beth useful in maps…