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  • @WellyLuga Awesome advice, thanks for the heads up about levels 22/24/26 it gives me some time now to plan those levels out before I reach them.
  • @ATLAS-Z @THCross thanks for your help with this, sometimes things get muddled and hard to straighten out, much appreciated
  • @ATLAS-Z awesome review, thanks for that, make sense. Now if I can only relock my non-essential heroes LOL Do you find that farming takes so long to get to level 72? Any tips to speed it up?
  • @echonap I have those same questions
  • @Dbl_Edge_DEP @Billbam I have a fully upgraded Kingdom Spear, fully upgraded Morgans Staff and fully upgraded No Parking which one should I upgrade? I use all of them daily.
  • @scooners I miss those days, especially when you could get expansion packs, free levels, user-made maps, the best was when you were a micro version of yourself in a kitchen or living room setting and you could hide in a can of beer and even modify …
  • You know they should allow us to sell or trade weapons or armor either to each other or back to the game to get a discount on another item
  • I wish they would do a build your own bundle and give a deeper discount the more items you add on... 1 item 15% off 2 items 20% off 3 items 30% off 4 items 40% off Max it out at 4 items
  • I wish I had more tomatoes... they are the slowest thing to collect
  • @MadPuppy @tabernac Thanks, I thought if I did that it was going to just trash everything that wasn't equipped without the XP!! Man, I think I play this game waaaaay tooooo much!! LOL
  • @Dbl_Edge_DEP To be fair. He's useful if you're on a booster going map to map. But I understand you can also get a good amount of supplies by getting 100 kills per map with scout Glenn in the lead. Its amazing what you learn, I was not using Gle…
  • @Dbl_Edge_DEP Sh** I was avoiding using him when I should have been developing him...
  • @WahooDawg Ohhh did not know that, is it a big difference with what you get with him in the lead?
  • Can someone tell me why people who scored tomatoes it says Reward Improved? Mine never says that. Does it only happen on Gold crates?
  • @Jenng Great...Im feelin uber-secure now! :|
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  • @Billbam Same here I just follow behind picking up the scraps Yup... One dead walkers arm... one belt buckle... one corroded knife... ohhh a shiny nickel... gotta bring these to the craftsman!!
  • @Billbam I wanna be a star :/
  • @Dbl_Edge_DEP I have never received a notification, crapzilla!
  • Well that can't be right... my doctor said "heyyyyy take these meds, you're not crazy"....LOL
  • (Quote) YA!!!!! I am a Noobie and can use all the help possible LOL!!! Ummm...ya... just as long as I don't get banned or sumtin!
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  • Thanks!!!
  • WOW
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  • Well Shoot... The following topics are strictly off limits, including in external links: Cheating, hacking, game exploits. Talking or discussing cheating, hacking or game exploits. This also includes discussion on how to play NML on unsupported se…
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  • @tabernac Well sh** thank God I didn't do either... I'm innocent... :smile: Why would they even care if you played on a PC through that blue thingy? LOL Seriously, am I missing something? Is there and advantage I don't know about?
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  • !! :D ;) :D !!
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  • Did not know that thanks for letting me know, you learn something new every day!
  • @Dbl_Edge_DEP Can I just say holy crap again...that is awesome
  • @Dbl_Edge_DEP That is FANTASTIC, thank you for posting that, it will actually make life a lot easier here for me and I am sure others!!! @tabernac awesome input...LOL I remember being a kid and my mom who is French Canadian saying Tabernac all the…
  • @Dbl_Edge_DEP as always thanks for your response. I wish there was one spot where it definitively says what are the top 5 traits for each class. Sometimes I feel like I am spinning my wheels here to learn and level up. I switched to this game after …
  • @Artminius Thanks for your answer, that clarifies it.