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  • You're right, but since Ezekiel is a hero (lvl +1) he would expect bodyshots on walkers lvl 33 and above, but I was testing him only till lvl 32. Anyway I've made second round with him and dragon tongue (cc 23,2% expected) and on total of 135 kills…
  • No, there were no bodyshots, so Ezekiel missed 10 criticals. It's little bit strange. I'll test him more in a spare time.
  • Because I was sure of results from before that were suggesting that Lucky is added to Critical Chance I re-run tests and this is what I've found: Legendary Ezekiel with lvl 4 Lucky (16%) with weapon with silver Luck (15%): On 101 kills 16 were criti…
  • I was intensively testing this AFTER Fluxxx's statement and for me it was clear that Lucky is actually ADDED to Critical Chance regardless what they thought they found in the code. Maybe this was changed since then, I don't know, I've lost interest.
  • > @ATLAS-Z said: > @WellyLuga I think you meant "with every single kill..." > Even with this correction, both of you are still wrong. Charging on hunter bow will help only in half of the normal kills! Because you could not…
    in Spring tokens Comment by dalmer May 12
  • Yes, new matchmaking sucks. Today we have 10 vs 5 in the GW. I feel sorry for my opponents...
  • > @ATLAS-Z said: > Now we just gotta work the system to get Piercing a fair shake and equal rights compared with Razor. And weaken harpoon in Sasha's hands??
  • > @WellyLuga said: > 2* on Kill Room 48 MM, medkit before the last walker dies. Instant 3*! It feels, so cheap :tired_face: 70 gold for 6* ? I would say it's not so cheap. :lol:
  • It's working fine ;) (Image)
    in Rick's mace Comment by dalmer May 7
  • > @nadecir said: > The toolkits turned the balance [...] minimized the chess [...] aspects. You are completely wrong imo.
  • I like to be a devil's advocate. Gold in this game is used to fight against "bad luck", so why the arriving of tools not based on probability is not welcomed?? Outcome of using both medkits and grenades is well defined. There is no …
  • > @Fluxxx said: > @dalmer thanks! Just to clarify. If you don't click on the survivors/screen first, then the tool bag and and portraits (work*); if you do click them then everything freezes up, correct? I can click/change portraits and en…
  • I have the same problem. I'm using old and slow Android phone, but normally everything runs smoothly and I could play without serious glitches. Now, after mission starts I can not move survivors for a few seconds, but if I'm not trying to start …
  • > @WellyLuga said: > The main times it gets use is with Sasha and some combination of bruisers and assaults. Sasha pins the tank, others control a pack of walkers. At the end you need to kill this tank so changing destructive for charging…
  • > @WellyLuga said: > then wouldn't charging be a much more useful trait then? It would be the only way to root and then re-charge for the next turn without a mult-kill I don't agree. TLTR: you need destructive for damage dealers. For…
  • > @WellyLuga said: > Flaming crossbow, winter bow, harpoon gun, flaming crossbow pistol, now this - all these weapons are range, piercing and destructive and it's just a little boring to me. It's interesting definition of boring. ;) IMO…
  • I think the idea of changing traits on hunting bow was not thought over. People changing their minds in voting only proof that. With gold high-powered it could still benefit from Sure Shot thus Destructive as well. With Alpha as a leader and Silen…
  • Gold charging gives about 1/3 chance of extra charge. On scout/shooter weapon it will be effectively extra charge every 6 kills (second kill gives full charge anyway). IMO it's a wasted trait. In the other hand guaranteed second move/attack aft…
  • > @TJCart said: > Calculating the other badge you put on: > (15*1.25[rounded])1.2= > (18.75[rounded])1.2= > (19)1.2=22.8% Wrong. This badge is not from set.
  • > @ATLAS-Z said: > > @rchap said: > > Overall, the new GW is much improved. After the Beta, I hope that the Rewards Points are revamped. Harder missions should give greater Rewards points, just as they do for Victory Points. > …
  • > @psychwolf said: > Yeah but they got caught for cheating again so NW is bullshit. So is the leaderboard in this game. Don't forget about the GW :/
  • > @ATLAS-Z said: > So who's the cheater? The guy paying the bill? Or the guy getting his TV for free? Media industry. C'mon, isn't it obvious? 🤔
  • > @ATLAS-Z said: > @MrChris usually yes, but it's still useful. > > There's always that one guy who pops in "hey I've got x attacks left" when you thought everyone was spent. > > Point is, it's useful. And it's bee…
  • > @magic said: > If everyone wins every fight you would clear it, and it would be so satisfying! No, you will be one fight short and it would be so frustrating! ;)
  • > @Huricane444 said: > > I run 20missions for 20minutes so what next? What was the highest RSL that you finished during your GW battle?
  • You did it @WellyLuga ! :smile: Maybe you could paste a link to info (maps) about this challenge?
  • 60 calls = 540 cards, five of which are 2020 5/540 = 0.0092 = 0.92% = around 1% not 0.004%
  • > @Drunken said: > That’s roughly .004% ?? I don't follow your calculations.
  • > @Drunken said: > I had 1350 options. You used 6000 radios? Congratulations! I had 550 options and found 2020 five times so it's around 1%