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Thank you for this event. However, IGNORANCE of questions is quite disappointing. It is so in NG style, to answer about coffee and rats, and dodge question about gameplay development.
  • @Lexia Another question - outpost mode. Even if you do not consider serious re-design of this mode, could you improve ranking system, so that the player while he progresses in rank, would face harder opponents?
  • @Lexia Thank you, very interesting event-). My question - do NG consider making melee classes strong again? 1. Bruisers cannot survive any attack from high level walkers. Yes, new shield makes them playable in some challenge missions, but the class is weak. Why not to boost their health so that they can probably survive at…
  • @Wortip @Adeline Breaking Bad is not dreamteam, it is new permanent guild. Yes, we have many of ex-players of RM and SA who have chosen to say in the game. BB is about to compete for leadership in GW. Yes, unfortunately we must start form bronze, if we could, we would choose starting from gold. Also I already analyzed that…
  • @Cronus @Marie__Gaga A lot of respect to RIH, I just stated my opinion: the first should be the first. And yes, soon it would be not important if the star hero also be introduced in challenge.
  • @Lexia I'm absolutely agree with @ionica Also please correct Team scores.The guild who clamb to the top first, should be the first in the list!
  • @Lexia Could you close this discussion? I hope you have seen and understood the major message of this thread. 
Red Snow haven't die and still operates, but the most of players have left it.
  • @grzechExp @Marie__Gaga Your arguments are so aggressive and ridiculous. I can answer with a couple of well-known proverbs: "It is no use crying over spilt milk" (Russian version says "Do not wave your hands after the fight") "Dogs are barking, but caravan goes its way". Relax, this time caravan is gone.
  • @Karajoca you are absolutely right. All those achievements are very subjective, and not necessarily important for everyone. The main message of this thread was that community is in crysis and shrinking because of ignorance of NG. Some of us quit, some are about to leave, and just few are still excited and eager for growth…
  • RM has not given up, it quits on the top of strength. Also we never consider RIH as a primary rival, as they were mostly concentrated on challenge, while RM was interested more in GW. RIH is great guild and true kings of challenge. We were able to compete and even win on some weeks but not on the permanent basis. @ionica
  • The question who was the first is important-). The history does not remember all that "almost" and "me-too".It was Vastich of Red Machine who first made 812 without tools, Beta, and SPY in previous version of GW.It was BloodyChainsaw of Rotting who first made huge 15k in one challenge. It was Crocodile of Belarus to create…
  • breakthrough and me-too -)
Good game. WW was lucky again, but this time won clearly. Congrats.
  • please do not flood here. this topic is about bugs in GW, and how does NG deal with it (does not deal actually).Burmeliinis said: 
  • I agree that GW is too easy. When two top guilds clash, who will win is more the question of luck, than skill. However, instead of returning to unbalanced diffilculty I would rather suggest just to increase the difficulty of top islands. Say, add 3 more islands with 50-52 max lvl zombies with no KAW levels on it. 
Exactly! I wonder if developers could provide some transparent workflow on fixing of bugs. I.e. somewhere on this website. So that we could find a list of known issues and see the progress in fixing it.
  • just to make it clear, 10564 is the absolute maximum score that could be earned by team of 7 players. 
  • @Fluxxx guild: Red Machine name: DoLoRem lvl max Player had got phone call while playing last stand, so probably the game connection restarted. In the message of @"Кот_из_Йелл0" you can find some details.
  • @Lexia @Fluxxx Hi. As the leader of Red Machine guild, I confirm that game bugs in GW scoring and sessions control continue to happen. On Friday the game had stolen a sword from us (from me this time). I failed the first attempt in lvl-48 fight, chose to re-play for red gas, but the game suddenly restarted and i found…
  • Thank you, @Schaffi TheLastOfUs also had a great season, we were just a little bit more lucky :).
  • @Lexia Thank you for the work that you and your team are doing for us. In terms of compensation I want to underline that the MAJOR problem for top guilds is not the waste of some VP or RP but the waste of Sword. The cost of one stolen sword is often a not completed island, which generally means DEFEAT. It really hurts when…
  • @Lexia Congratulations on your new role as the manager of our community. As a head of Red snow/Red machine, one of the biggest TWD NML guild alliances, i expect to receive more detailed answer to the problem I have stated earlier. According to our observations, in this update, the logic of damage accounting was changed.…
  • Hello. The only rating RM accepts is the season GW rating in the game as it indicates the result of real fights during this season (even though NG provides errors in scoring, stealing or granting VP). Deep respect to the work made by Crocodile who provides us with valuable info on guild performance. However, alternative…
  • @Fluxxx Together with increase in damage of melee heroes, we also observe increase in attack of zombies. Bodyshot damage by zombies has increased by 57%, normal damage- by 10-15%, critical - by 10%. Overall, that seriously nerfs bruisers class. My Eugene usually survives the attack of 50lvl zombie, now he goes to the dance…
  • @Karajoca it was interesting gambit decision on the last day. Red Snow was 99% sure to meet you, there should be great fight but you choose to miss it-) Our congratulations on victory in this messy season!
  • @Jens_KF We in Red Snow are very sorry for that bug happened. It was tough battle, we had tried hard, but we indeed got two red-gas replays in mid-levels, which should result in ~16 lost points, so yes, NG had stolen your victory this time. We want to compete fair. Unfortunately, the NG is not able to provide clear and…
    in WTF?! Comment by fragcandance March 2021
  • RS has also experienced that problem yesterday.