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  • I always imagined the 5 trait survivors were pictures of some of the employees at ng. That's the sort of thing developers tend to do. Every single time i have a survivor die in a mission i imagine that's the jerk who coded some certain bug that i hate.
  • Shooters had silent winter bow and now silent cripple bow. And flare gun. And some sort of shotgun/mini decimator would be cool, especially if 2 threat per shot. That'd be new.
  • They should have 2 birthday calls. 1 for mele and 1 for ranged. Player voted!
  • Do you have ice cream?
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  • Will there be any development push to move away from being a charge point centric game? Will we get new heros and reworked heros with LTs that do not require charge points to be useful?
  • You hit a bad streak. You may hit another. It will not "even out" over time. I need 450 tokens for a new eugene level and I'm not touching this 15 radio x2 call. Oh hell no. The 2x calls are horrible. You need to have an overwhelming reason to do it, like get princess tokens to reroll the lucky trait onto her. Or to level…
That was kind of my point. It's weak-sauce.
  • Because the game is all about charge attacks. The flatness of the game is because of this and that's the way it's going to stay while the game remains built around charge attacks. They thought outside the box with beta herding. They made pgg not suck with double box. Shane has probably the most satisfying LT we will ever…
  • The reroll tokens and crafting materials are the important rewards from distance. Hard will get significantly easier when you unlock craftsman level 2 building and then craft level 2 badges. Green and blue badges with usable trait bonuses (when you know how to craft) will make a big difference with you being able to finish…
  • Bullet dodge instead of iron skin. I'm sure you have bullet dodge bonus badges. Play them against raiders.
  • When it comes time to do the double guaranteed scout tokens special event, do i want to pick beth over further leveling rick, daryl, pgg, or carol? Even gate grabbing and walker dodging gabriel has a use. I think beth will be the new old negan. Everyone complains when they "had to pick beth tokens". Scouts needed an…
  • She's fine. Let us play.
  • What power do you speak of? It doesn't have any power. How does it charge when it doesn't do body shots? They built this game to revolve around charges and stuns. And to a lesser extent fire. If assassins bow did %damage of total health and criticals did a higher %damage of total health, that'd be different.
  • 1 each day 4 on free monday That's 11 for me. I don't do nightmare distance and the trades are prohibitively expensive in bm. They cost more to buy with gw points than you get from using them in gw to win the points to buy them = bad investment. I love how everyone seems to have different numbers on this. The point is that…
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  • I like the variety of seasons missions. The replayable portion is easy to very easy (although a few of the 2nd part missions last year were a little difficult if you didn't play them right). I think the 2nd part should be made very difficult. Let that be the challenge aspect with replayable value. Distance makes me throw…
  • Hey don't boot me! I'm trying to pull in as many stars as I can! 
  • Add reroll tokens and upgrade tokens in small grouped clusters of 5 (rerolls) and 3 (upgrades). Increase the amount of supplies/xp (it's only xp when you are level capped at 75) while decreasing the frequency. Increase gas amount (to 10, from 6) while decreasing frequency. Decrease frequency of blue items (or completely…
  • In lower levels, open glenn immediately for tomatoes. Put him in lead. Ranged do the work. Opening maggie for her xp bonus or governor for his scavange run boost and chest rarity improvement, they're actually a bad idea lower down. Someone did the math here once. The amount of scavange runs required for their bonuses to…
  • Very few players are going to reach their usual scores though. I'm willing to be no one does. And no one finishes. And now every weekly challenge player is thinking stuff they can't type and share on this forum. How does @Lexia seperate the reality of a vastly failed experience which causes dangerous levels of detachment…
  • It's like an echo around here. Do it!
  • I'm thinking now about the casual players and low level players who will be horribly swarmed from such terrible imbalance. If this isn't addressed with a live patch, only players with super shane will be able to blow their way through these hoards. I don't have a super shane. I guess I'm doing something else this week.
  • Count Your Blessings is rediculous. If you get passed the fatties, and if you get passed the auto spawn in the bottom right corner by finishing triggering the door, there are simply too many walkers spawning from the exit too close together in turns. Reduce the number of walkers coming from the exit, or greatly increase…
  • They can give me 2 free flares each week. That would rock.
  • I'd like to see a fragment drop rate event. Pair this with a 1 minute gas event. NOT a component drop event. Those never do anything for me anyway since everyone elae always gets the gold ones. Specifically, a fragment drop event. Fragments are required for crafting and the math on them dropping is skewed. We always get…
  • No! I will "randomly" get double free Gore 9 out of 10 times. Don't break what isn't broken. Leave the grenades and health packs alone.
  • Something to participate in and challenge yourself against others with that uses acurate and fair measurement of skill and not spending... You mean... like a game?? Participating in a money sponge isn't fun? You want an actual game? I think ng hiding silently behind all this daily tool hemmorage is pretty clear with their…
  • I heard it didn't make a sound. But it does? I guess accounts differ. If the sound was awesome, I'd probably buy one. That item pack was a good one and with no bloat.
  • What i would like to see is on our gw day, all healing is halved for gw play. If wounds can't be differentiated between challenge wounds, then have the after action screen halve all damage on our heros so there are not changes in the hospital, just that gw damage is "less" for the system to have to handle.
  • This would make tara really cool. She had a great role in the show and shooters need serious love. Love the healing zone upon charge attack. I especially love how healing zones should stack if she is in 1st slot. Stacked healing zones is not op. Playing perfectly with spear rick in leader and stacking charge attacks isn't…