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  • Because they have no idea how we play this game. That's why this wasn't chemical or metal. Sad.
Because it's fine the way it is right now. That's why nothing will change. Try asking questions instead of demanding changes over your unknowns.
  • I have one of those rocket launchers that i have never ever used in challenge once. I was gonna buy a bbq but i changed my mind. It too will probabaly sit dusty on a shelf never getting used ever.
Chat apps. Something not yet mentioned, but implied through the find-a-guild-family advice, is use a chat app platform for this game. There are 2. Line and Discord. Line is "bigger" and offers "videos". (The best weekly video content creators for challenge maps are all on youtube anyway so this almost doesn't matter…
In specific response to you, I said 'Yes' to the poll because it's about challenge scoring. I'm thinking more about the cap. Maybe some few players liked "breaking" the game and cycling the challenges endlessly. That mode of scoring presents no "ending" experience that players can aspire to reach. Now, there's an end.…
This is really good feedback and I hope @Lexia considers this. I see two types of general feedback and this reflects one of them. The harder stuff at the end should somehow be harder and/or have more of a way to differentiate play. Measuring tools used in anyway (with extra stars or with a visible counter) would be a…
  • That'll be next month. Big benefit of festive lucile vs luke mace is if you have a low level festive lucile vs an at level luke mace. Lower level would be better for the stun wall that won't die. Do I really need to spend gold to get this upgraded bruiser weapon though... Nope. Not gonna help me win the day.
You've gotta have the Lucky trait. Someone like sasha or princess (or a character playing under them as the leader) has to have Lucky to increase their charging chances. If you don't have that then you are handicapping yourself unnecessarily. Also, sasha and princess charge a little differently. Sasha needs to hit…
  • My problem is this. Do I spend the time to run 6 ezekiel missions for 2 radios or do I not? I already picked up my daily tool.
  • I would spend gold on grey fragments in the BM if they followed the same decreasing scaled cost as the gold and blue ones, which I do *NOT* buy for gold. But then the BM really hasn't been designed for general player game benefit. It's more about having a semi-flashy gold drain.
  • LT is Big Nose. All walkers now visible on the map. He can smell them behind the wall over there! 
  • Entry token for a new side game, walker pac man!
  • Is walker pit so tied up into outpost that it too will never ever see an update? Or is walker pit fair game to take the game in a new direction without messing things up? Someone's gotta know more about this. @Lexia
  • Capricorn must be in retrograde.
  • Bonus at any level for not using tools. Our bonus can be a ticket or some other commodity which then can be turned into tools. I want to use tools on gw in sticky situations, like STUPID spawn piles... I want to be inspired NOT to use tools on challenge.
  • This is such a first world problem imo. Buying upgrade tokens doesn't equate to buying reroll tokens. If using them in some new way that further waters down their buying power helps the average player that never finds their way to this forum, cool. I just don't see it.
In continuing my NES nostalgia, I'll go from chatting about the awesomeness of zelda to the awesomeness of a super difficult side scroller called contra. Luckily, it was released by konomi... Yumiko and konomi. That's all i have to say about that.
  • So how many reinforcement tokens should it cost to turn a 22/6 health badge into a 23/6 health badge?
  • If we don't sniff your junk, how else will we know what it smells like? You have to admire dog logic. It works for them.
  • new thing to complain about on the forum. You forgot to add that to your list.
  • And maybe rotate the mele bonus modifer too so that on any given week different mele teams get different amounts of bonus modifier. These things are going to need to be dynamic. If they are static, the game mode will probably feel static. Same team, all the time, always...
  • I hope it isn't just another reason to use spy. I hope there's some MASSIVE mele multiplier which makes playing a mele team simply worth more points than continuing to spy aoe stun everywhere. Each mele hero brings an extra point multiplier, using x3 mele means the most point mulitplier bonus extra yadda yadda etc... If…
  • Well we got beth instead. And Beth's mechanic. (Facepalm)
  • Boom box walkers with masks to reduce ranged damage, similar to how metal heads work but a weaker version.
Every badge you craft moves you in the pattern. Different groups of crafting recipes move you in different ways through the pattern. You need grey and brown for certain movements, not for the badges themselves, because they help get you to where you craft with gold for the best badges with the best bonuses. There is…
  • Challenge schedule is fine. What needs to be tweaked is guild gifts. Don't end them on Sunday. Always extend them out into Monday and Tuesday. This is when players take the time to do anything other than challenges, like crafting. And that means guild gifts because they're the most affordable way to get crafting parts.
  • I kept trying several different teams each time as long as i didn't sacrifice pgg. It's nice to be able to do several tries before waiting for hospital timer to be up. Eventually i got one.
  • The ongoing common issues which often control the outcome of the winner and loser, this affects how players play. It affects how invested we become in gw. And it is affecting how much players distance themselves from gw and from the game. If you can't resolve these ongoing bugs (which is TOTALLY unacceptable given that…
  • "This stuff'll turn you into a god-damn sexual tyranosaurus!"
Don't forget scout rick! He's fantastic. Either you've unlocked craftsman 2 building upgrade or you are about to. That is the biggest developmental milestone. Once you have that, you can begin crafting unicorn badges. Without pumping large amounts of money into the game, it's going to take you a long time to be able…