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  • I game support did not help (below reply) and there were plenty of evidence that reporting issues on forum gives better results. Issue touches plenty of people hence I hope it will be prioritized @Lexia Reply from support: Normally, freezing, crashing, or lagging in the game, is most likely connected to device-related…
  • Well with challenge, GW, LS, Distance game is already too time consuming, more and more people are leaving us because of it. I guess we need to understand that satisfying ego of a few < good of many
  • Either remove tools usage in last stand or deduct 5k points from final score for every tool used. 
  • Yes, she is overpowered but not only because of her trait but also because princess LT, harpoon and decimator. Limit turns that player have to complete map and combinations involving Sasha/Yumiko/Princess(assaults) would disappear. We will sort OP of Yumiko, Princess, harpoon and decimator in one shot. 
  • There will be version with quick movement just like winter bow. Afterwards version with 2 round rooting and finally version that would shoot flare, so that challenge could be renamed to kindergarten1, GW to kindergarten2 and distance to kindergarten3
  • I’m already waiting more than week to get back gold used for accidentally bought rubbishy jacket. So yes, yes, yes. 
  • Really don’t understand how you can treat the same 1) fact of cheating DURING NW4 2) not being aware about participating in NW5 players that were not allowed and replacing them by other players Making equality between those two just blows my mind. 
  • @Vladimir_Top and what if leader asked the question but was tricked - that’s also his or team’s fault? Let’s put those marks on people accounts so everyone, and not only NG may know that we deal with a cheater. 
  • How on earth leaders should know if a player had ban or not? If such knowledge was public ( for example indication next to nick game) I could understand punishment for whole team. I wouldn’t call it a cheat, rather oversight or mission impossible for leaders
  • &#13;Whole idea need help from NG and I game development so it can be restricted by code. Top 10-20 guilds scores depend in 10% by toons, 20% skill, rest is amount of tools being used. So yes, I would like to see league where they are forbidden.
  • Add a league where tools cannot be used and you have my vote @Karajoca
  • We had open fire last time when we had this map set, why you want to play same thing again.
  • Does it impact badges as well?
  • Devil’s torch!
  • @Fluxxx Will those that have less people be compensated? I cannot see a way to beat guilds from the same tier having 18 attacks less. It’s not a war but execution.
  • > @Karajoca said: > 1. Allowing guilds to go into battle with 3-10 people and choose days when want to play, choose not to play every day is great. But implemented very wrong. +/-1 I don't know who's idea was to add +/- 1 differences in teams when making matches, but that person must have never really tried to play this…
  • Maybe he knew grenades are coming and he preferred not to see it.
  • @Firekid as far as I can see you can already buy them...
  • Grenades will complete brake any skills/strategy from the game. On the maps like Straw men or Double trouble they will be game changer. 100% money grab, spoiling unfortunately the game.
  • @Fluxxx - FYI the map above with this truck is still not fixed and invisible walkers can attack you. Spawn is somewhere inside truck.
  • > @rogueDS said: > @Druss @Happygilmour11 say they can not fix this to allow one person at a time. Which I do not agree with. Do you suggest we get ride of gw i am serious about this question. if they can not make it so can only go 1 at a time what should be done? This is by no means a cheat. Put information inside game In…
  • > @TJCart said: > (Quote) > So I assume we're posing this argument for a very specific group of similarly abled players at that range, yes? Otherwise, there's no guarantee that everyone can simply beat all sectors in 4E with ease. > > I thought the earlier argument was positing that a higher ability player comes across an…
  • Of course the mat is wrong. If you want to close 1b+2b+3b you need to use 27 swords and you gain 705 points If 4 people will double 4e sectors. They will use 24 swords and you gain 936 points So the difference is 231 points and you still keep 3 swords.
  • So I see that everyone that tries to defend doubling of mission, are saying that this is not big benefit. If this is true, let’s get rid of this possibility from the game and not pretend it’s some sophisticated strategy.
  • Why not comparing to prowl bug? Look how many top players at that time was trying to protect this exploit, first hide from community and then with stupid comments tried to say it’s not a bug. https://forums.nextgames.com/walkingdead/discussion/39578/prowl-s-bag/p1 Same situation is here. Someone found it, and used as an…
  • Sorry @Fluxxx he does not remember if warrior damage was correctly calculated.
  • I have asked this guy to do more tests in scavenge missions. Lowest hit was 155, and maximum 170. @Fluxxx can you test with devs if maybe two 50% damage bonuses at the same time may be the problem?
  • Definitely it was 50%dmg boost and It was after it was activated
  • Same issue for my guild mate but on different map
  • @jimmorrison369 I perfectly understand how dodge works. My concern is regarding information from @Fluxxx l have quoted above, and not how dodge works.